Tuesday, March 10, 2009

25 Random Facts !

I Hate tags and when i say that...i mean in upper case (HATE) but a few of the tags are so nice that u don't have to answer stupid questions like
"whose butt you want to kick right now?" (of course the one who started this tagging business)
"If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?" (how does it solve your constipation ....huh ?)
"what will you do with a million dollars" (I am not chandler, i never wanted it)

so this new '25 random facts' about myself tag intrests me and that is because I can write my heart out without caring a damn.So here the list...begins...sit back and enjoy or you can stand up and read (who the hell cares?)

25. Okay I am peter(nickname)/ashwani(on the certificates)/Ashwin(friends call me).

24. Don't you dare to laugh, reading the above line and don't you dare to comment without reading, a few bloggers are on my hit list for commenting absurdly after just reading either the P.S or the Header.

23. I am 21, single (if that intrests you),Indian ..I guess i just wrote my not-so-called-ASL (age, status,location).

22. I have two make-up exams the day after tommorow. So Holi will just be a formality for me this year. I am supposed to study today and tommorow :(

21. I am thinking about getting a spiky hair cut, but i am afraid, coz the last time i had it , it was horrible and the time before that, it was gud..so the chances of me looking human after having it is 50 %.

20. I am rude,if you are a moron.

19. I am doing b.tech in Biotech (final year)..and i am not placed yet and yes you can smirk..coz you know what? I DON'T CARE !

18. My last post was not about Jimmy Shergil or my exams, it was about my quotes.

17. I make a lot of typos, Nidhi inspires me...(and when she reads this, I am dead).

16. I just hate being questioned a lot, i hate giving clarifications, i hate misconceptions.

15.you are 10 facts closer to me by now ...wow..happy all of ,you isn't it ?

14. I share my b'day with Angelina Jolie and Anil Ambani (beauty and not the beast)..i have told it so many times. You should have it on ur tongue tips by now ..duh !

13. I hate gals, who smell/show off/are despos/have dirty or too long hair/grammatically incorrect/are fake/are arrogant/have bad sense of humor.

12. I hate guys, who show off/fake/cry/are gay/wannabes/dumb/selfish.

11. I am a non-boozer and a non-smoker by choice. Though i had falvoured hookah recently and it contains no tobacco, i guess.

10. I hate saying sorry when i don't feel it, and i don't mind saying it 100 times on even the smallest thing which i feel for.

9. I want to MEET all the BLOGGERS I know, coz blogging is best thing that has happened to me in the recent times.

8. I Wear a white friendship band in my right hand, which looks out-dated and has faded (it had UK's Flag over it) but i love wearing it and before you make your own assumptions let me tell you, that a guy friend has given it and no we are not dostana lovers.

7. I get Deja Vu more than any normal person. It has reduced in recent times though.

6. My worst poem ever, was based on the special category of ..noodles, which ruined the last joint blog I had.

5. I have walked Ramp twice in my life and the fellow gals gave me the height complex, though i am decent (5'9.5"), I am no model btw.

4. I day dream. I get nostalgic. I get embarassed when i am supposed to blush.

3. I am a Gemini, so a dual personality and that should not be confused with Split personality.

2. Sometimes when i say "i don't care" i actually care and vice versa.

1. So you all know me by now ..how does it feel, eh ?


  1. yo first..
    atlast u done wit it ;)
    I cm to know :P U so mean :P :P
    n yeh..for xms n spiky hair cut..:O best luck....

  2. someone is really angry :-ss
    it's ok :-w
    burn ur college down \:D/
    hi 5 at point no.9. blogging rocks and so do my fellow bloggers >:D<
    ramp wale ;;) blinkie eyes :P :D

    how come u increased from 5'9 to 5'9.5 in this tag? :O besharam, increasing ur height :O :O :P

    all d best for ur exams..and do the spiky hair cut :D B-) will be cool che re.

  3. 'I hate saying sorry when i don't feel it, and i don't mind saying it 100 times on even the smallest thing which i feel for.'

    This is certainly a quality which deserves appreciation.. :)

  4. atleast YOU didn't call it a dumb tag *phew*

    21> naah u look nice like this only .
    20> this one should've been in the earlier post . :)
    19> arre even I'm not placed re(now that's not a benchmark ) , jab tera ho jay to blog abt it .
    14> more like beauty and the billionaire .i share my b'day with some kinda ox who's a moron !!.
    11> arre wah !
    5> kya yaaar !!! sab unche log hai
    2> hmmm

    all the best for the exams and don't watch karma and holi :P ( sorry lame joke :) :D )

  5. ps : i'd thought that poem was funny . kya yaar chinta mat kar :)

  6. good facts...i guess its really feels nice when we speak from heart and that to truth

  7. grammetically correct gals? hahahahaha okie! so lemme correct u too peter ji.. its 'grammatically' not 'grammetically' okie?

    and 'are gays' nai 'are gay'! gay is both singular n plural. okie?

    'thinking about getting' nai..'thinking of getting'

    "the Split personality"..articles r good dude but u needn't use them everywhere!

    ps:this is what happens when u talk about grammar in the presence of an eng. hons student. dont take offense tho..n ol d best 4 ur exams :)

  8. @ Amrita

    I am mean :O
    how :O
    thnks btw ;)

  9. @ MAds
    hi5 ! low 5 !
    on all the points :D
    and i am 5'9.5" :O
    i never said 5'9" X-(

    thnks :D

  10. @Netika Lumb

    i know :D

    @ i'll try to be truthful

    Hehe gud observation :D
    and about the P.S ..yeah even i thought so ..but rest of the people did not think that way :(

  11. @ sawan

    hi 5 !

    @ Prajyot

    dude so when are u writing ?

  12. @ Trinaa

    'grammatically incorrect' i mean okie! I suck...I make typos :D

    GAY :O ohh i know it's plural/singular both ..i will correct that :(

    'thinking about/of' yeah my mistake if it's a mistake :D

    'articles' are gud LOL yeah :D

    P.S : Teach me A B C D next class :D

  13. pinku your name like :P pinku..pinkude...pina colada :P
    haan yeh sab toh pata hai mujhe..kuch naya nahi bata yarrr

  14. You haven't given 25 facts... 15 and 1 don't count... :P

    21. Get d spiky haircut done... catch the hairdresser who did it the first time... but 50% human is good enuf! :P

    19. I read... and I am not smirking!

    14. Cool... i share it wid frnds... :D

    13. Any category left??

    9. Ditto... :D

    2. Happens with me too...

  15. @ Neha

    haan haan martini :D
    naya kya ?..puch liyo kabhi bhi :D

  16. @ Akansha

    hey 1 and 15 are facts too :D

    and about the spiky ..yeah the same guy did it both the times, but the only diffrnc was that he used a trimmer last time :P
    19. good for u :-w
    13.yeah so many categories left re :D

  17. :-|
    Peter ji, Tag hi toh hai.. bura na maano holi hai!

    Lot of points mentioned above are ditto with me...
    Deja vu.. hmm.. any recent one which actually happened?

    We shall meet one day... don't worry!

    and thanks a lot for not thopping this tag on others..!


  18. @ abhinav

    he he yeah i cud have said a lot par samjhdar log hain sab :D

    Recent deja vu ..hmm i dun remember aaj subah se toh nahi hua :D

    yeah i know thopping business sucks and sure we will meet \:d/

  19. Hmm #24, main aisi nahi hun... main sirf tumhari...sirf tumhari...sirf tumhari...

    LOYAL READER HOON...hehehehe

    feels great haan!!

    Gotta knw a lot abt u thru this... ;) and I know I know... tht u care when u say "I dont care"... I have 3 namunaas like u at my home.. mere bhai-log...hehe

    Mazedaar post thi... aru agar chaaho toh point by point sunaa sakti hun....hehe... to confirm ki mainey poori padi...haanji poori padi... :D


  20. @ harshita

    haan haan mainehy kab mana kiya ki aap nahi padhtey ho :D

    safai deney ki jarurat nahi hai apko ;)

    happy holi :D

  21. Peter ji..
    Good to know more about you..

    Ditto @ #9 and #7!!


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  23. this proves tht kisi aur ka gussa cn b vomitted on ur blog..i always used to vomit it on things around in the room.nw i will vomit it on the blogspot..
    nd btw reduced Deja Vus is a good sign..more the deja vu more is ur brain stressed out.so relax and let things be the way they are..
    you really cant change the things around..
    shit happens and everyone feels he is the living example of it :)
    but like always you rock :D

  24. peter....

    I wish u tagged some one else.... not me!! i mean i don like writing tags but i like reading tags...u see its fun to see people struggling to write for useless things..... :-)

    happy holi... anyway....

  25. @ ankita agrawal

    u get deja vu like me :O
    read out a poem called 'My senses of deja vu' then my 2nd post on this blog :D

    u vil be able to relate to that :D

  26. @ chitwan

    i did not vomit kisi aur ka gussa :O
    yeah yeah i am more relaxed btw :D

    thnks and happy holi :D

  27. @ vemuri

    yeah i dun like thoping thid on anyone ..actually no one did that to me ..i jus felt like writing it :D

    happy holi btw :D

  28. btw i did tagged u sometime back..i thot u took tat one..but gr8...u did it urself :-)


  29. I have had this dejavu feeling many times... n best of luck for your exams.. happy holi

  30. I like the way you put the whole thing:) 23 is same to same lol...
    ahh your a gemini, one more of this kind to my blogger list:P

  31. @ ankita

    ohh u did ..but u din inform ..so i was knowing :D

  32. @ sarath

    ohh gimme 5 !
    thnks :D
    and happy holi to u too :D

  33. @ valencia

    he he thnks :D
    and same pinch on all the thngs which are common :D

  34. hahah nice facts ya.

    Sharing bday with jolie is good was i would like to share a Bed with her :)

    about typos hehe welcome to the club even iam really good at it..

    And cheers to non smoking and non drinking

  35. @ rakesh

    he he sure so wud i like to :D
    cheers cheers for all the ...common thngs :D

  36. The concept of counting it Down was good rather refreshing.

    Clarification: Any kind of hookah, flavored or non flavored, if it gives out smoke .. it has tobacco. :P You have smoked ...

    p.s: Facts had to be random but the post sounded (at least initially)as a Bio-Data. :)

  37. thnks :D

    but u knw wat i dun care if i have smoked :D yeah and this time i do mean i dun care :D

    and bout the P.S yeah it had to be about me so it had to sound like me :D and wat cud be better than the bio-data :D

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. well...interesting!
    blogging is the coolest thing i started last year..i am happy to have found so many 'characters' if i can say that :)
    n y do i feel u may be 'rude' with me most of the times ??? :):)

  40. @ vinnie

    i started last year too and i guess i have seen variety of bloggers too :D
    and why do u think so ...?
    LOL u mean u are a moron :P ?

  41. my my my..some1s was in a bad mood when he wrote this up!!...kya hai yaar??...

    how is peter a nick for ashwin??

    and i dont drink or smoke either...how lame r we??!!

    and bro i identify with the deja vu's too..but i seem to think for me its coz of the repetitive things i seem to always keep doing..

    chalo..cya around..and cool down bro..heart attack ho jayega!!

  42. @ Dream'R

    someone was sulking actually :D
    and peter can be a nick name for ashwin ..that's the fun part u see ;)

    we are not lame we do it outta choice :D Deja vu i dun wats the case wid that one
    and i am cool ...i wrote it so many days back :D