Friday, February 13, 2009

VALENTINE? LOVE ? -- It’s either MY WAY or the HIGHWAY !!

There are three versions, equally important, cynical, and somewhat absurd as my reasons of being a single at ‘21’. Fortunately I don’t find a big deal in being a single, but there is an unfolded crux which should unwind today, before it becomes too fussy.

A FEW BOYS SAY: - Dude you look good, you must have one girlfriend. Okay you don’t have to be committed to a vamp or a kitty with claws, but why the hell are you kicking a plate full of whipped cream intentionally? Get someone for fun and as if you are going to marry her. What do want from life, huh ? Katrina Kaif won’t come dancing in the rain or Angelina Jolie won’t stretch her arms for you, Salman and Brad Pitt are better for them any day. Being a guy you are lucky to get proposals, but thanks to the celestial crap and some goddamn satanic saint in your mind you turned down all of it without even thinking once. How the hell can you not figure out a gal’s intention? She was eyeing on you & everyone noticed except you. That XYZ gal made a good remark about you. Are you not man enough or are you trying to show off that you have some ancient worthless family values intact? OMG don’t tell me you are turning in to a Gay !

A FEW GIRLS SAY:- Alright you look nice but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude. You can smile and please everyone, but no you have to keep your face straight and show off to the world that you got attitude. Okay I am sick of you throwing tantrums and ‘I don’t care attitude’ 24x7. You are funny but I am sure you are afraid of commitments. I said NO to so many guys but now I know how it feels when someone says NO to you. I wish someone breaks your heart the way you did for me. I never proposed anyone I just wanted to talk to you so I took wrong steps, Okay I am sorry but I did it for you. You think a lot, you go philosophical on the whole world, if you get the time think about it too. I followed you crazily for all these years. I have been excited about your blog more than you. Can we at least be friends?. Okay no ? Fine I am happy to have said what I wanted.
Thanks bro for calling me that I look good, though I always rated myself as just an average looking guy to be honest and no I don’t have worthless but yeah I do have family values intact. I don’t have to be an Einstein to understand anyone’s obvious and transparent intentions on any given day but then why get in to a zone I am not comfortable going in. Why play with someone’s emotion or rather my own and crib about it for long. I would rather prefer an ordinary sandwich on a torn sheet of paper over even the tastiest of the whipped cream served on the costliest of the plate, provided I like former more than the later. I day dream but obviously I am not falling for any dreamy flamboyant beauties. I hear the remarks and I jot it down as my good wishes or rather secret admirations in my memory. I am man enough so I know how to handle any stuff without getting in to a mess, And you call me good looking all the time….now do I need to shout who is turning in to a Gay ?

First of all don’t get confused with the way I talk, I am born talking like that and if you ask me it’s not rude, It’s rather my special tone, which a very few lucky souls get to hear. When I talk like that I am not apprehensive at all. Okay if I know when I have to smile I would, otherwise I can’t carry a fake smile, coz my cheeks hurt, plus I don’t have any plans of signing a Toothpaste commercial in near future. Yeah I have the attitude..And there is a thin line between arrogance and attitude. I prefer sticking to the former. I am not afraid of commitments, I am afraid of fake commitments, break-ups, sulking and a few severe cases of homicides and suicides. Even I fell for someone in my life but then cupid did not approve it, so stop making your own assumptions and stop cursing me ladies. You follow me & my blog and you thought you should tell me in case I did not know, do I look that dumb? You want to be just my friend and nothing else? C’mon you gotta be kidding me? Or are you kidding yourself, huh? I prefer not replying as a better option than replying rudely and making things go worse and present myself as a classy moron who will give clarifications on every damn thing and swear that he did not. For me CUPID has been DEAD In recent few years.

P.S :- Whatever I have written isn’t confined to one single guy or a girl’s view …but some real life advices and one sided talks on their parts. And I did not reply then coz the timing was inappropriate.


  1. yippeee first to comment :D :D :D :D \:D/

    a cool and hatke post from the rest of the posts on valentine's day.
    it was all too awesome until i read the line of cupid has been dead in recent few years :|
    cupid has still kept u single so that u get the perfect girl at the first go rather than sulking etc. at the lost causes. pessimist >:-P

    single rocks as long as we are single re \:D/

    i loved the lines of ur reply to the gay part of the guys :D \:d/

  2. having gone thru some shit i'd being single ROCKS! dont listen to ppl becoz kuch to log kahenge na..dhakkan log ka kaam hi hai kehna! :P

  3. @ MADS

    abe Cupid's dead doesn't mean i dun believe in love :-|
    I just said it's been dead in recent few years.
    Let's see what's in my store\:D/

    and please ..just be logical ..i am tryng to talk about the fog that doesn't mean i am a pessimist :-w
    thnks for liking the replies ..tho it cud be ..slapstic to whomsoever it may concern :D

  4. @ trinaa

    yeah welcome to the club gal \:D/

  5. @ mayz

    or vuja day :-w
    the feeling that you will be here later :-w

  6. unko bolna "thodi hawa anne de"...

  7. @ neha

    he he haan tu boldey mere badley :D

  8. Wonderful post dude! You are my man!
    You make me proud. Seriously.

    and lots of love :-)


  9. Well you certainly vomitted out your feelings there... Good one though.

  10. claps after readin the post.
    stay the way u want n wht makes u happy./ afta all its ur life n thts wht matters,.
    time aane pe sab kuch hoga, till then stay single n single rocks.

  11. @ Bhawana
    whose id is that :O
    ok i am confused ..whuz it ?

    and anyways thanks ..for understanding wat i mean :D

  12. @ nidhi

    yeah i knw \:D/
    I am kinda lucky u see and smart too :|

  13. heee hee hee heee.. the most common line in all of this

    yes, I look good but ..

    hehehe yeah ofcourse u look good peter! };-) But I never noticed it! and Why should I?
    hehehe ooh I should laugh like a man! ha ha hahahaha!

    Seriously! It seems that u think a lot.. but kahin toh hogi woh..! remember..!
    Brotherly hugs!

  14. i sort of guessed that many bloggers would be writing about V day , but yours was the nicest .

    exactly . why should you play with someone's emotions ? some gals are just that way , they fall for attitude and looks , nothing wrong in that though :) . but it was nice of u.

    &the one for the girls was too true. *fake commitments , homicides ,suicides....* love was never supposed to be cause for these .

    zeya good .

  15. i sort of guessed that many bloggers would be writing about V day , but yours was the nicest .

    exactly . why should you play with someone's emotions ? some gals are just that way , they fall for attitude and looks , nothing wrong in that though :) . but it was nice of u.

    &the one for the girls was too true. *fake commitments , homicides ,suicides....* love was never supposed to be cause for these .

    zeya good .

  16. On a serious note--its always better being yourself..innit?
    And..personally nobody loves guys who show you just sweet sweet sweeet till you lie down diabetic :|

    On a normal note---oyeeee gay today :P..its Valentine's smille awaayy ..and don't give a chuck anyway! :D

    Ahem..okay okay..I should be studying.
    Tata! =D.
    *switches off compu*

  17. @ Abhinav

    ppl Bug me with that one liner and then go judgmental over my status :(

    yes kahin toh hogi woh \:D/
    i do belive in soul mates btw :D

  18. @ i'll try to be

    THanks a lot :D

    *SIGH* PPL are at least getting wat i meant ...yeah those thngs are so true...but you can't change the mentality of any single soul I try hard not changing my own for others :D

    thnks again :D

  19. @ crystal

    are wah...wat a line ..."till u lie down diabetic"

    Yeah happy wala gay worth for today :D

    padho padho bachhey ur u have to give boards i suppose :-?

  20. "i think, therefore i'm single"



  21. aweee...
    mast post peter...
    ""Alright you look nice but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude.""
    :P :P

    for single guys n gals v-day means independence day :D...its always better to b single rather being in devdas club...single rocks!:D

    P.S :Cupid dead noooooooooo :(.i still believe he ll do sumthing to change my "single and ready to mingle" status :P

  22. whatta post!....
    single's the way to be!! seriously!

  23. Pagli Mads is right... yeh post kuch alag hain...Hatkey!!

    Aur kya... teri marzi... kudi pataa... yaa naa pataa...


    Arey yaar... tu sattu lagta hain... toh theek hain.. does not mean u cant stay single... ;)

    Jaisey achcha lagey..waisey jee...

    Baaki hamesha ki tarah... teri post ki baat hi kuch aur hain...hehe...

  24. @ ams

    thnks :D
    arey dun worry i will play cupid for you :D

  25. @ pj

    yeah but not out of luck ...but out of choice :D

  26. @ harshita

    thnk u
    I loved that word 'sattu' :P
    he he yeah meri shaadi mein main naa jaun meri marzi :D

  27. @ sum1

    no thank you to you for understanding !

  28. ahem ahem!!

    Mix of lots of emotions :-D
    Something different on v-day!!!

    Same pinch...cupid is dead for me too!!!!

  29. @ ankita

    haanji rock :D
    smae pinch :P

  30. @ aditi

    he he dhinchak :D
    i love that word :P

  31. dude.... tell them
    yeh meri life hai....
    i mean they will never let u live happilyyy
    so let them bark
    i really liked ur post..
    i m too single n quite happyyy...
    but one thing dont be rude to anyone.... rest is upto uu..
    keep smiling

  32. @ pallav

    Yeah thnks for dropping by :D
    but hey ..i am nt rude that's what i have written's their perception ..i m born talking like that ...and i can't help it :D

  33. New to vomit here! :-) Nice post peter. But i think you can give a better and shorter answer to them -Mind your own business.

  34. @ Ajeyo Rao

    neh a few of them deserve..bigger and better answers ..;)

  35. wow!! nicely written...

    Am adding u as a friend :)

  36. A person is answerable to himself/herself first then to others. If you are happy, world is happy. If not, do not care.

  37. @ Hobo

    but some ppl deserve the answers it's better for me to respond ..when it reaches extreme :P

  38. ye log bhi...they worry more abt our commitments and relationships..than us..

  39. lol
    awwwwww...cupid is dead...??
    very sad!


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  41. @ @P.J

    hai naa ....becharey us :P

  42. @
    secret admirer

    now who u may be :-?

  43. so do u find it really dat funny wen sum1 says u her feelngs ...... !!

    and dat u consider urself a moron to reply to ny such thngs .but u find urself smart enuf to write jst watevr u can ..publicly....jst to make thngs more embarasng 4 d oder person.. it realy hurts ....nyways......jst thnx 4 ur such a generous reply... its realy gr8ful of u to respond 4 extreme conditions .....

  44. @ sum1

    I did not ridicule the versions of whatever anyone said..on the contrary i think i was answerable to some people so i did and my statements are far from being sardonic (at least for me)
    If you find it bad/ugly/sarcastic/funny/insulting/traumatic/unbearable ....then keep your self off from it are not forced to read it and scratch your head in return.

    And by the way its my blog, i am not making anyone's name obvious or public so that statement of urs doesn't qualify ("but u find urself smart enuf to write jst watevr u can ..publicly.")

    If you knw wat does embarrassment mean must be knowing how it is created.
    I am harsh on myself more than anyone else !

  45. Hammer and Tongs, you never seem to sing other's song ...

    Nice to see a non - rouge kind of a guy ..

  46. @ som

    ;) welcome to my world of expected yet extra ordinary happenings :D