Saturday, February 7, 2009

! - QUOTE B-)

Awryt !

I am done with my exams, relaxed, tension free, not thinking anything. I will veg-out for next few days, till next series of exams knock me out, and it's not that i did not enjoy all this while, but i pretended to study too.

I don't study, in fact I have never studied properly, without any pressure. My concentration level lies in somewhere between 0.1 to 0.2 on a scale of 1-10 without exam pressure. But thanks to my college it has gone lesser than that level in the recent few years, coz we give almost 40-45 xams per semester which is approximately around one exam after every 4 days. So the phobia called exam has vanished.

Anyways I have been writing quotes and Raps and what not since long. Here is the list of some no-brainers.Caution : Don't apply your brain too much else you wont get the meanings :-D

1. If xams were people, a wrestler would have cracked them all.
( I have replaced 'I' with 'wrestler' to make it sound more meaningful )

2. Heights of frustration--a devil cursing an angel " go 2 hell. "

3. I heard you read between the lines? then what does my palm shout like ?

4. wat's a mixed bag ? a count of Alphabets till 100 and numbers till Z.

5. 'I' am the reflection of 'MY' reflection.

6. Every Failure of mine is like an exceptionally long deja vu.

7. If I exchange my powers with the HULK, then HULK will die because of xams.

8. If numbers can be arranged alphabetically, then why can't alphabets be arranged numerically?

9. If 'i' stands for imaginary then 'i' am a thought.

10. If 'IN'somnia is the lack of sleep, then i am an 'OUT'somniac.

P.S : If people don't like it I am not posting anything as stupid as this, again on my blog else are soon going to see the 2nd part \:D/


  1. d last one takes d cake..oh n d pastries too! :P

  2. good ones :-)

    but whats this ...
    *Heights of frustration--a devil cursing an angel " go 2 hell. "

  3. @ bhawana

    caution nahi padha kya apney ?

  4. Very very very nice thoughtful quotes... yes they are stupid but they are very nice..
    I wanna see more!

  5. @ abhinav

    yay !
    thnks okay i will put the second part if more ppl like it :D

  6. my concentration level is same as urs :P :P

    btw heights of frus. was the mast one :D

  7. @ amrita

    same pinch then :D
    and woh wali line kuch logon ko samjh he nahi ayi :P

  8. ncie post. u hardly write any thign that is personal. It nice tht u dnt have exam fear . ask me i always fell pukish before going to exam hall on first day . i feel sick.

    Rap Rocks. waiting for part 2 \:D/

  9. @ nidhi

    YEah personal likhney k liye i have so many thngs but woh padhney wale bhi bahut se aise log hain jinko main personally janta hun ....thats why ...i dun write personal thngs :P

    and thnks for liking it :D

  10. padha! Tabhi toh aapse pooch rahi hoon ;-P

  11. i liked the second one best.. and oh, ill wait for the second part :P

  12. good ones :)
    some seemed like a quest for ideas (alphabets and numerals one)..Food for thought types :P

    rest cudnt hv been better!! part 2 awaited

  13. @ bhawana

    it's clear naa devil cursing an angel "go to hell"

    wats the difficult part :O

  14. @ chitwan

    glad u liked it...
    yes yes next part should come soon \:D/

  15. I lke the Insomnia one :D..your shit makes puurfect sense to me :P

  16. insomnia and devil asking angel to go to hell were the best ones :-? \:D/
    exam phobia sucks.... X-( how stupid worrying for a stupid exam :| we hv better things to worry abt like whether deepika will marry ranbir or not :-ss :-ss

    bring on part 2 \:D/

  17. @ crystal

    accha it does :-?
    hmm intrstng ...coz it doesnt for me :P

    LOL kidding

    thnks btw :D

  18. @ mads

    devil wala bhawana ko samjh nahi aya kyun :-w
    thnks for liking it :D

    btw i dun worry about ranbeer and deepika ....RAN-DEEP lolzz :D

    yeah 2nd part will come soon :D

  19. hahaha...wud love to read part 2

  20. ok ..i wud love to write the next part then :D

  21. i like all of them , wow so cool it can be called super cool .
    if 'i' is imaginary ,'i' am a thouught , failure is like a long deja vu , the palm one ..

    wah wah I"ll memorise all of 'em :D

    "peter is cool , but how peter can cool be"

    okok this one was pretty lame .

  22. @ i'll try to be ...

    hey thnks ...iska matlab main second part likh sakta hun :D

    YAY :P

  23. good quotes.. especially the outsomniac one..

    Majority of engineering students suffer from that one..

  24. @ sarath

    thnks ..and yeah we do :D

  25. talent ka behtarin pradarshan ho ra hai yaha

    shayad maine pehle kaha hai ke your quotes are very good..i hope you remeber..
    nai toh fir se bet laga ke harega tu pinkude

  26. wats the difficult part :O

    Thatz toh OK but WHATSSS THE JOKE>>>>

  27. @ neha

    abe thnku thnku thnku :D
    iss baar nahi lagani bet :D
    main check karta hun kab bola hai tuney :P

  28. @ bhawana

    arey JOKE nahi hai Quote hai :P

    agar joke sunana hai toh


  29. i love things in which i dont have to apply brains...( coz i dont have dem :-P)

    I want moreeeee....!!!

    Btw , the V-day post on ur other blog rocks....:-D!!!!!

  30. @ ankita

    he he ..same pinch :D
    and yeah thnks u cud have ...commented there also ..coz i din post that one :(

  31. done with ur exams x-(
    me would be having my exams in a months time

  32. Second Part Chahidaa Mainu... :)

    Badaa hi mast mast hain yaar yeh post...

    BTW, Sallu Bhai ka MYSON is gone :(

  33. @ harshita

    Yeah thnkuji :D
    i shall post it soon \:D/

    and i knw ..i saw his latest pics ..bechara ..he is hurt :(

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