Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Be Ryt Back !

2 A.M and i am awake, though it's quite normal for me, but today the things are different,the ambiance is quiet and i am tired,excited,afraid and a little annoyed. Mixed bag of emotions insinuating big time.

I will take a break from blogging for at least 2 weeks. I have my cousin's marriage to attend, followed by my mid-sem exams (in which i am surely screwed).

I had planned so many things that did not work out properly in recent times, but still i am not taken aback or shocked.I will try, try till i am either bored with it or till i realize that i was wasting my time.

OH MY GOD !! this is turning out to be the worst post ever by me. I am blank, ambiguous and now i realize i am getting a back ache and i can sleep too if i force myself.

Ok so if i bored you by my cribbing and sulking then read out a sardonic masterpiece(R*CK OFF) by abhinav on our a-shit-for-tat's recent post :D

P.S : Do miss me ;)


  1. am gonna be the 1st to comment ...*lucky charms* :D
    take a short break...!


  2. @ coffee

    arghhhhh !
    i hate anonymous comments :(

    thnks for being the 1st one btw :D

  3. get back soon :D
    n enjoy the wedding.. :)

    P.S:dont worry re Mid sems toh farzi hote hai :P

  4. hav fun at the wedin.. and all the very best for ur exams :)

  5. smtym...break can do wonderss
    Do enjoy a lot in wedding....
    n all the best for exam
    I m sure exams me tumharii Watt lagegiiiiiiiiiii
    hv funn

  6. hey! all the best. enjoy!! tc

  7. Ohh! Tussi jarahe ho? [as if I didnt know] ;)
    And the spelling of quiet is wrong.. how dare u said told Nidhi to correct her typos!

    All the best for the marriage food, and of course for the exams... U will do well!

    byee cu soon!

  8. ol d best!! n cum back soon..u'll be missed :)

  9. loser thoda toh balance rakhta mera call receive karne ka. itna decency nahi hai mero no. mangle aur cal main aake call kare. Bittamis

  10. tumko toh theek karte hai
    milo zara online

  11. enjoy the wedding and kindly wear a sherwani instead of ur stupid shirt and pants X-(

    best of luck for ur exams...screw them instead of u getting screwed by them :D :D

    back ache :-w >:P useless... X-(

  12. Be back with a bang :-)

    Rock the marriage as well as exams!!



  13. I will try, try ....
    gud luck buddy!

    enjoy the wedding!


  14. i can c, u have been missed a lot by ur blog followers... now cm bak soon... xamz startin from monday... n we ll be 'fork'ed... i kno u wont be able to complete d syllabus... jst sit behind me in d xamz n u ll be safe... :P

  15. @ amrita

    farzi nahi hotey hain yaar ab pata chal raha hai :(

  16. @ pallav

    arey lagegi nahi lag gayi :(

  17. @ abhinav

    yeah by mistake :(
    btw wat's this "said told" :P

    ty anyways :D

  18. @ mayz


    @ nidhi

    Abe yeh mssg purana ho gaya lagta hai :D

  19. @ neha

    hanji :D

    @ mads

    now what shud i say :-s

  20. @ ankita

    thnks :D

    @ PJ

    thnks :D i did :P

  21. @ enny

    haan theek hai sale...ab make up bhi dilwa de :D

  22. i guess its time to be back.. :) i wasnt bored, could relate to it.. i have had a lot of cribbing sulking nights, i am sure all of us have..your post was just so human :)

  23. yes i am back and i have posted ;)
    thnks for calling me human ..LOL :D