Monday, January 12, 2009


The phenomenon where the left becomes right and right becomes left is called lateral inversion.
This theory i read when i was in standard 6,while reading about mirrors and I was immensely fascinated by it. I always thought about writing or doing experiments related on it but somehow I realized that life itself justifies this theory a lot, atleast in my case it does. So I wrote a poem on it.

Read the poem and let me know what could you figure out of it ?


When the sun comes up, every night.
when the stars twinkle, in the day light.

when the fault is yours, and yet it's mine.
when i stand alone, yet last in line.

when i adore someone and when love is fight.
when heart is my brain, then my wrong is my right.

when i fail at times, my dreams come true.

when i know the outcome, I get bolts out of blue.

when the moments are like my sorrowful delight
then i am for me, is like black is for white.

I am the smoke, still I am dumped in ashtray,

I gulp my predator, even when i am a prey.

I pity me coz i fall when i rise
I am petrified by me coz I am prominent in disguise

I am so expressive and real, when i fake,
I am so constructive, coz I mend when i break

Comfort is me, yet my soul suffers
I walk contradictions and my similies are metaphors.

I see my future, like I see my history

Yes! i am like an open book & yet like a mystery.

P.S : In case you couldn't figure out or did not read it nicely,then let me help you. Every single line contains contradiction, either of words or of the logic (logic ?? wat's that BTW?)


  1. I was clearly able to read and understand...yipee and that too without a dictionary...

    This poem hit me so hard... am still looking at those goosebumps on my skin... ahem!!

    Peter ji, main aapki pankhaa toh pehley hi thi... aaj AC ho gayi...

    I love people who balance the dark and bright side of their personality pretty well... but I love it more when the dark side rules the bright one for few moments... and ur dark side just did the wonder for this poem...

    Kuch samajh aaya?? Ki mainey kya kaha...khair chaddo!!

    It is brilliant... :)

  2. @harshita - grt comment-- u r AC and i m super AC. hehe

    @peter - yes ths i was simple language.. vast meaning and very well framed poem.. i didnt knw u think so hard!!!

  3. Arey do Peter..I like the original one more :P

  4. Nice picture and brilliant poem..original is it??

  5. Hmmmmmmmmm.. no words to describe.. Very nice..!

  6. Contradiction?? thats so like me!

    nice poem..btw u dint have to mention tat:P its quite clear:P:P

  7. ahem....this is a topic which is damn difficult to write about.let alone a post describing wat u feel,u wrote a poem that too it rhymes.
    one of ur best poems \:d/
    u only get better, dont u??? :P :) :D
    and whatever thingy u did to ur pic is damn nice \:d/

  8. mirroring concept...i have heard about this a lot

  9. high five!! contradiction is sooo me! :P

  10. @ Harshita

    This poem was planned, though still I don't consider it as my best.

    and yeah dark aur bright side ka funda mujhey acchey se pata of mt bst poem (according to me) is based on such a topic only's called .

    'the enemy is in me'

    my 2nd or 3rd post on the blog i guess was that poem only :D

    and cool ..garmi aa rahi hai ..mujhey AC, FAn, Cooler sabhi cheezon ki zarurat hai :P

  11. @ Nidhi
    yah i think hard, now u knw B-)
    and yeah this was simple as far as usage of wrds are concernd :D

  12. @ Craziest

    Original ? poem or pic ??

    btw both are original :P

  13. @abhinav
    yeah so very nice are the words :D

  14. @ PJ

    & yeah a few morons don't get it every single time and comment abruptly :D

  15. @ NEha
    kya be ? tere bolney pe toh likha tha :P :P :P

  16. @ MAds

    yeah i am like an old wine :D :D
    thnks u soo much :)
    and i used two difrnt softwares for this pic :D

  17. @ aqua girl

    pic or the poem ;;) ?

  18. @ rakesh

    but the poem is a lil diffrnt buddy :D

  19. @Trinaa

    so u also write one lets compare who contradicts himself/herself more :P :P

  20. cool..loved the post...!!
    "when i stand alone, yet last in line" nice lines yar :) :)

  21. @ mayuri

    thnk u jee :P
    thts y fav line too :P
    same pinch :P

  22. This one was interesting....exactly like the pic... seeing the mirror image of words :)


  23. interestin...i m d love in ur heart n yet m d lust in ur eyes...

    nice use of words thr man!!!

  24. @mayz

    thnks btw where did u read that line :O

  25. "I pity me coz i fall when i rise
    I am petrified by me coz I am prominent in disguise"

    prominent in disguise , nothing hides u

    "I see my future, like I see my history
    Yes! i am like an open book & yet like a mystery. "

    a mystery to your own self , but u dont hide from others .

    great one , full of contradictions , just like life .

  26. @ i'll try to be

    yeah ..justified :D

  27. This perhaps is the most simple and sorted out work of your I have read so far.
    Now, how 'contradictory' is that!

    Too good, Awesome,
    This is really Perfect,,,I mean its beyond words

    I am very happy to have read this :-)

  28. @ bhawana
    yeah ryt that is contradictory :D
    thnks thnks thnks :D :D

  29. I have always liked and thought of contradictions as a very effective way to express yourself.
    Amazing work.. I really liked it...

    this is the way I think.. it was close to my heart.. thanks for the poem ;)

  30. Comfort is me, yet my soul suffers

    Thats my favourite line :).

    lekin..this isn't contradiction..this is a weird type of pain :-S

  31. @ crystal

    the way i see it, it's a contradiction too :P

  32. it was great to see peter back in action..i read ur blog after a real long time :)
    one request- i need this poem, you will get your royalty no doubt :P

    keep posting dude.

  33. @ chitwan

    he he thnks man :D
    and wats the royality like ;;)
    and i have heard u r bzy :O
    best of luck for ur curicular activities :D

  34. Neither i criticize nor i advice,
    saying it best with honest voice.
    Dude u simply rock...!!!
    Sry for stealin ur idea for my orkut tag lines...wat matters evn i good things shud always be appreciated so i do urs...!!!
    keep it up...!!!

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  37. @ mayuresh

    theek hai naa baal :D

  38. @ mayuresh

    theek hai naa baal :D

  39. tat reminds me of Sylvia Plath's lines

  40. bhaiya..till when are you going to keep this post?? :P..update update!

  41. @ crystal

    bahana ...i am a lil BG dese days ..will post sooooon :-)

  42. :-w :-w :-w busy with whom? :-w :-w
    X-( post quickly...

  43. @ MAdsi

    abey ..xams they naa :O

  44. Its so well written, keep going dude!

  45. @ bhanuja

    thnks ..u rise like a phoenix :D