Sunday, January 4, 2009

1024x768 Resolutions this year :P

I am back after almost a 3 week long hiatus from blogville and supposedly the longest for me in the blogging life (which is like 6 months young so far :D )

Year end was not so good coz I wasn't well, had mild fever (kolkata is cold in winters I tell you, it's just that people there pretend that it is not). It's my fault though, I should have been careful, shouldn't have been in ganjis and shorts all the time *Sneezee*.

Well this year world alrdy had it's more than 72 hours of Joy and resolution brains-storming sessions. I guess I am late but not an ordinary man can make truckload of resolutions in jus few mins, but guess what ??

I did :">

Yeah I want to change every damn thing in me that irritates me. I want to change me for the better me but what I lack is the list of such things. I have had enough of resolutions every single year since I was a tiny ass but i never stick to any change for more than a month. But this year has to be different.

But what is worth a million dollar question for me is:

"whether retrospection with a blend of introspection is better than making resolutions??"
If yes, then I have always been doing it since I was a tiny ass :P

P.S: But just to give you a hint, I think I need to change my habit of cracking slapstick and sarcastic jokes at all inapropriate times, But Can Chandler be happy without being funny :-? funny is what he has.

P.P.S: By the way 2008 was LOL'able isn't it ?? check out A SHIT-FOR-TAT !!


  1. uuuurrrgghh! yyuuckkkrrgghh!

    Nothing.... just vomiting! }:-) welcome back!

  2. So FINALLY you're back ! =D


  3. welcome back......even i have cold....and *sneeze* yeah,happy new year

  4. Hey ! its good to see you back dearest !
    You know you are my favourite, right :-)
    About resolutions and you wishing to be a better you..
    I would say to me you are perfect the way you are
    and will always be , no matter how much you change
    So change, if ever, only for Yourself
    Love and best wishes

  5. hmm..everyone's the best the way they are... :D then again, people change all the while :-| and if its for the better, then its good i guess...ya ur right, chandler wont be chandler without that humour :D

    and if this is ur new year of luck :P
    and welcome back :D

  6. Welcome back hain ji...

    Der sey aaye par aaye toh :)

  7. Oye! Chandler will not be Chandler without being funny. And we won't be happy :D

    U a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatic? High-fi :)

  8. good to see you back...

    happy new year :)

  9. bhelcome baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! n no chandler will not be chandler without his 'phunny puns'! :P

  10. hey long time!..good come back post! and even better title for the

  11. i too cant away with my shirts and sleeveless top. no matter how cold it is i dint knw blore wud be cold. but yeah it is..
    i still dont get ur resolution..
    i have no resolution :) :)

  12. @ crystal

    yeah finally !!
    and a new boring sem started :(

  13. @ vemuri

    aww get well soon .and happy new year :P

  14. @ bahwana

    thnks re :P
    yeah i jus try changing but can't help being me all the time !!

    adat se majboor :P

  15. @ MADS

    yeah but a few ppl dun like the way i am ;)
    he he yeah i won't change much ..and thnks :D
    happy new year to u too :P

  16. @ Harshita

    Thankooo :P
    ab aa gaya hun ab nahi jaunga kahin bhi :P

  17. @ urv
    yeah hi-five !
    yes chandler Rocks :P

  18. @ mehreen

    thnks and happy new year to u too :P

  19. @ trinaa
    thnks and haopy new year ..!

  20. @ pj

    he he yeah 1024x768 resolution rocks :P
    happy new year to u too :D

  21. @ nidhi

    that's why u also fall ill :X
    and why cant u get my resolution :-?
    and make resolutins they are meant t be broken :P

  22. Resolution are all about breaking them ...I like the new definition of it though.....Love the tiitle too lol...

    And don't leave sarcasm suits you mann ...Damn :D

  23. arey if u want 2 change ur template pete i think ther's a new backup gadget from google that stores everything ... ask riversoul ..or sameera ..they shud know ..i don't know where they get the stamina to change templtes every week

  24. @ Anurag

    thnks mate :P
    btw i am wanting to leave cracking sarcastic jokes at all inappropriate times :P

  25. @ farah

    accha ;;)
    hmm wait lemme see i dunno either of them btw :P

  26. i didnt understand the title of ur post and didnt want to ask u since i didnt want to prove im dumb, although u already know it :">
    nidhi explained it to me \:D/

    its such an awesome title \:d/ wow ur so smart :D

  27. yippie..thought i was de only 1 who outta dis world!!!

  28. @ Mads

    LOL :P
    he he i was alo wondering about that ..but the only diffrnc is that i thought u din like this joke also :P

    thanks for calling me smart :P

  29. @ kochu

    he he he count me in :P

  30. happy new year dude... and best of luck with your resolutions...

  31. where's my comment :x.i swear i did.

    anyways peter , u dont have to change yourself . & please dont stop making silly funny sarcastic jokes , i mean it , the world is going sick of candy flossness .

  32. yeah i trust u :P
    and i dun say that i will stop making jokes ..i said i vil stop cracking it at inappropriate times ..if only i can understand wat does it mean :D

  33. at appropriate times eh?? like not in front of your proffessor ? :p


    but otherwise a lil bit of 'natural'ness doesnt harm.

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  35. hi...uve got a dedication from someone waiting for u at my blog--"nostalgic moments" do come over and check it out :)

    seeya around

  36. Aaah..come down on my blog now :P

  37. @ i'll try to be

    Nah that is an obvious mistake and everyone can figure that out ..but there are a few moments when u dun knw that ur jokes are hurting somone ..!!
    aargh it's difficult to explain :(

  38. @ crystal

    kya hua bacchey ??
    ruko ata hun :D