Monday, September 29, 2008


How many times in your life it has happened that a far more famous person than you ever can be, has replied you back or has called you ??

It happened twice with me and no this is not it!!  The point is that it happened within a week, yes in last week, Two supertalented people from two different backgrounds interacted with me and the experience has not been less than an accolade.One is the author of the India’s bestselling novels in recent years,So u must have easily guessed who? And for the other person, you know him if either you have been sincere in reading my blogs or you belong to Hyderabad and have intrests in RJs.

So Chetan Bhagat replied back (yes he did,I ain’t boasting) like half a month after I had mailed him.I have read his books, I have liked all of them but have been pretty much disappointed with 3 mistakes of my life coz it had a Rang de basanti sort of ending anyways the point is that I read his blog,and sent him a mail expecting that he would never read it (coz it wasn’t a sucide note from a fucked up guy ).It was a mere appreciation of his work which he must have got like so many times since he started writing from his infinite fans.I couldn’t belive the moment I saw that mail in my inbox, first I thought It  must have been an automated mail,which is sent to all those who mail him,but hey that was a nice reply, wat if someone criticizes him, will he send the same mail??plus It was written in SMS lingo, plus It came after like half a month, it would have been a very quick response otherwise.

So I have like plethora of reasons to belive that it was not an automated mail, and he took his own time to reply back.

WOW it feels so great to think that “He read what I wrote  unlike the other times when he writes and I read.”                                                                                               

Just after two days of this great achivement in my life which is better than the achivements i have in my resume,there came another achivement.Though the other person is not as popular as the first one but equally talented in his field,interacted with me and this one was better than the first one,No I ain’t comparing their talents,I am just saying that the other Called me on my mobile (surprised! eh?)

Rj Sameer a.k.a SAM called me after reading my first post about him in my blog,He wanted to talk to me and I wanted it more than he did(wanna bet ?).So he was online(yeah he is in my Orkut’s frnd list)we had a lil chat and he took my fone number and a few seconds after that I saw an unknown number flashing on my cel, I was reluctant in picking it up,as was chatting with him but was also of course unaware that he was at the other end.

He talked with an accent that didn’t sound familiar (coz i hv been hearing him in hindi and he spoke in ENG)but the voice did.he got my name wrong he said ‘Abhinav’ but hey no problem I can be Abhinav for you instead of ‘Ashwin’ I thought.So he had read my blog and was moved ( I ain’t boasting again, he told me).He told me the reasons why he is not RJ’ng anymore, and that sounded pretty genuine.He appreaciated my other posts which he has read, told me about his present line of work and we have kinda signed the online trity for not revealing it to the world.

I promised him that I will write about this experience and he should read it again (cheap marketing for my blog isn’t it ??).But the best part is that I have his phone number. YAY !!!

P.S: I know if not Chetan then At least Sameer is gonna read this so Made it simple and have written the truth without adding much spice to it :P


Monday, September 22, 2008


I hate the colors from dull grays, browns and blacks to bright reds, yellows and greens. Of an eight legged creatures called spiders. They freak me out!!

I remember since when I was three or four years old & I had learned to get scared and cry, I have had the extreme shuddery experiences of spiders. Out of all the phobias in the world I am aware of, I accept I suffer from this. When I see them crawling on the walls, when I see them spinning their web, I get a crippy feeling deep down my veins. I say I will demolish the whole species, provided someone assures me that they are of no importance to Biologists (but alas! They are).

Though Spider Man is like a god of spiders and shares the same name as I do (peter) but that doesn’t mean I am equally friendly with the scary spiders as he is. If I would have been him, I would have betrayed the whole Arachnida  class rather than cheating the spider species alone & that's my height's of hatred for spiders.

 Winters and Rainy seasons are like their carnivals. They hang on the chilled and damp toilet walls giving me a hard time. I have got so many wounds coz of their vulnerable acids, which they probably pee on being teased.



Of all the creatures, the most ghastly I say,

Are spiders on the walls, hunting their prey.

They itch my feelings, they smell, they are creepy,

I shiver and I shudder, can’t sleep even when I am sleepy.

My hands are wounded and so my legs are,

I crumble, I fumble, I have left my door ajar.


Macabre the legs are, gruesome the body is,

Slobber they all time & sometimes they whizz.

I see one staring at me, I need a weapon to kill him,

I can reach to my sandals, I want to break his limb.

It was hanging from the wall & I shot,

With my sandal, while spinning the wrought.

p.s: I wrote this poem when I shot a spider hanging on my wall today morning,and that's when I decided to write on it, though the poem took less than 10 minutes but my whole experince has been for more than 15 yrs by now.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I have a habit of experimenting with the looks and yeah it can vary from my blog to my hair to my desktop.But it's the desktop that gets my maximum attention and I wonder if my blog is jealous or my hair's follicle cells?

So like I said I give maximum attention to my desktop and what is a better way to design it other than by putting a nice I have put in a helluva effort to download wallpapers of good resolution (1280x800) and that collection varies from celebrity wallpapers to quotes to wallpapers of cars,bikes, nature and rock bands.

As for celebrity wallpapers I have like more than 3 GB of my hard disk occupied by it,and ANGELINA JOLIE dominates by bagging more than a half GB space and I have a fair reason for it.No it's not that she is very sexy or she has so many adopted kids or she is a great actress or she had shot a movie in India or I am BRAD PITT ..the reason is that I share my b'day with her and that is on 4th of JUNE now u can ask me why not ANIL AMBANI's wallpaper then?
To that I would say dude I ain't a gay like you and dudette you need to change your taste for men :P

Other than Angelina Jolie I have wallpapers.From models like Yana Gupta to Neha Julka to tennis babes like Anna Kournikova and Maria reality show contestants like Yamini Batra to Koyal Rana to Ankita sehgal..and I keep getting bored of it and I keep changing it after evry two days.

Alright so the desktop wallpaper gives a good look to my system (at least it does for me).I hate when someone puts his own pic as wallpaper( I guess no one wud be as self obsessed as a person who does it).But other than that I have folders made for the post of my blog I keep a soft copy of that, My creation folder,Mozilla icon, Recycle bin..and a folder which has blog theme html codes in it (well I can give u if u want).

Albiet I hide these folders and icons coz It gives a clumsy look to the wallpapers and the over all look.I hate desktop watches and calendars...they suck IMAO.

P.S : I have been tagged 3ice but for the first time I got an intrstng thread like this.I was tagged by NIDHI & now I tagg MADS,BHAWANA,RAKESH,SWETA.

P.P.S : after Nidhi's suggestion I have posted a print view of my desktop wid a Charliez Theron pic

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Maintained Dustbin :P

We people have some totally insane habits and to prove that, I am posting a few pics !
just comment, based on the crap pics u see... choose from the options below :P

fig: Empty ciggi packets and empty soft drink bottles were spread all over 1st :D

fig: I arranged the ciggi packets ( though it looks like a book shelf) which my flatmates have produced in less than one or two weeks, since when I have started collecting....bloody chain smokers!

fig: The soft drink canes in which I have contributed the most along with ENNY less than a week, and it's actually more than wat it appears to be, coz half of it is hidden .....and thts jus becoz they are symmitrical :P

now based on the above pics what do u think ?

1. My flatmates would die soon coz of their smoking habits and I would perhaps die after a few yrs they die, coz of my passive smoking habits ?

2. I need to control my drinking habits ...which doesn't look serious but it might be one :P

3. I am going bonkers, I need a psychiatrist :P

4. LOL :D

5. Smoking kills slowly, but who the fuck is in hurry ?

P.S: I wish U say that I am alright, I need no changes and my flatmates would die coz of their not so good habits....AMEN :D

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


“Hey it is getting cloudy I should reach for the classes before It rains ..hurry up !!” I screamed on the shopkeeper ...”yes jus a second sir we are finding it out, have patience” he replied ….”Hey that’s the only thing I lack, otherwise I am perfect”.. I thought!

So he took out the brand new Barron’s from the shelves and handed over to me along with the bill in a polybag , I put it inside my bag and rushed towards the coaching institute ..It started drizzling as soon as I came out, I increased my pace ..fumbled twice ..on the way ..but didn’t heed coz I had to reach the center asap …but before I cud reach there it started raining cats and dogs..I went inside a bus stop shade myself and to make sure that My brand new book doesn’t fade out ..looked at my watch …I had 45 mins need to worry I thought, sat down ..took out my mobile and started playing snake ..a gud time pass u see !!

People were accumulating from three directions east,west,north ….and not from south coz the bus stand was in south so they couldn’t appear from the wall provided …It was a P.C Sarkar’s magic show…and in a minute the bus stand had at least 50 people from all age groups…screaming and irritating me in Telgu …(I hate when I dun understand a language),I wondered If they were abusing me in their language ..and suddenly It made me think that India has much more population on the roads than in the population data !

Damn the shopkeeper, damn those 5 mins and damn this rain (wait,wait, wait, do I sound like 'Farhan Akhtar' in 'Rock on'??)...…the sparkles of droplets were rinsing me and I hated the itch only 5 mins were left for the class to begin and a 5 min journey too ..It was almost 45 mins and the Rain god was looking merciless I decided to walk in the rain ..and reach my destination ..

I was never able to understand the UPSTREAM and DOWNSTREAM problems in my high school Mathematics book better than this ..

Man !! it was a deadly experience ..I had made a wrong decision..the water was having such a high current that it almost bruised my toes and the nearby areas …I got all wet, the moment I started walking … I walked for the sake of walking but suddenly I thought what the hell am I going to do If they don’t switch off the air conditioner …I will get pneumonia I should go back …there is no point in showing over sincerity…!

Auto, auto ..I screamed ..yes ..!!

Will u go to XYZ place ?..NO came the answer .and may I knw the reason was another question …yes coz it’s a jungle & nobody goes there … wtf ..jus mind your work !

Then came another one ..he said 120 bucks ..choice is yours ‘in’ or ‘out’?..I felt like saying u take 240 jus the double, but I shouldn’t get pneumonia ‘yes’ or ‘no’??

So there I was, shivering like hell cursing everyone ..and I mean everyone driver was trying to be a little friendly giving lecture on ..traffic menace and water lodging problem …suddenly a biker came parallel to the auto and the water splashed in to my face and in my mouth ( a few drops ) it tested a little salty and eeeesksssss ..I yelled on him and probably he heard the FOUR LETTER word the very next moment he apologized by holding his ears …leaving the clutch….by one hand and saying sorry ….good I thought & I felt like giving him an award !!

Autowala drove in to a one way..I mean the wrong side of the road coz there was a huge traffic jam on the other side of the divider…and he got stuck between with cars and trucks from both the opposite directions....and then I saw the actual jam getting cleared …and I was like “who the freaking hell told u to show your stunts in this busy and one way road??” ..he was also pissed up like me so he jus stared at me …and then after almost half an hour got out f it !!

I reached my home alive, but the after effect still prevails *SNEEZEEEEEE*

Friday, September 5, 2008

INSOMNIA---My dreams @ bay !!

Back this summer I slept at 12 in the night and got up around 2:00.

I heard Guyz creating hullabaloo, which is a usual scenario in any damn boys hostel, some fighting over their clan’s defeat in counter strike, whereas some comparing the latest movies they saw while others playing the music in the maximum decibel limit possible, to some singing songs in top of their voices in the corridor which makes it even more powerful and adds echoing effect….

I got up cursing the jerks, went out of my room screamed on everyone, while yawning in between, to lower down their volumes, they didn’t say a word and started talking as softly as they could but they must have given all the slangs they knew in their crap shitty mind, I bet…!!

Back to my bed, I tried sleeping, It din work though I was extremely nappy and tired, I changed my mode of sleep it din work again drank a bottle full of water,went to the toilet, same result again…..hell!! wtf is happening I thought ..It was 4:30 by now, still same scenario, I had to attend the 1st lecture tomorrow otherwise teacher would screw me in the next exam for sure, I thought.

So I got up & found my rommie snoring like what he usually does but most of the times I don’t hear coz I sleep before him…so I started to wander around and singing songs loudly, and yea I had stopped others to do the same a few hrs back but that was okay with them I guess….went to the common hall started watching TV (a very rare seen)..

Now it became a habit for me to sleep only 3-4 hours in day and then remain awake whole night like a nocturnal bird….I tried so many times to change my habit but it continued for more than a month…I suffered from severe case of INSOMNIA..but the best part was that I din bunk my morning lectures coz of it and the worst part was that I bunked other important afternoon lectures:(


I wrote a poem based on my experiences from that time, and here it is ..though it’s not that good as compared to my earlier ones but at least it’s exactly what I felt..and I did :

INSOMNIA-my dreams @ bay

A sudden ping,

& I get up from my dream,

Ain’t a worthy fling,

and my soul makes a loud scream.

I want peace,

I want a dreamless slumber,

I wish this to cease,

loosing count & still I wonder.

How the hell did it begin,

Extreme case of lassitude?

Where the hell I have been,

dream or case of solitude??

I stare the ceiling,

I change my mode of sleep,

I try concealing,

my bulging eyes are open b4 alarm’s beep!!

I try sleeping pills,

but no escaping this way,

I wish it heals,

“INSOMNIA - my dreams at bay!!!”