Monday, July 28, 2008


It was 7th may 2006 when I made an account on ORKUT.Things were a little confusing and modes were not familiar,the options were not that appealing and by mistake every time I ended up scraping in my own scrapbook :):)

I was in my collgs computer lab and there was this jerk (who shud have been a gal in this birth but by gods mistake he ended up having masculine and feminine qualities combined) sat beside me and scraped me 4 da 1st tym wishing me best of luck 4 my end sem xams ahead & blah blah !!!

I made an account but still was more in Hi5,and other crap sites,my interest came from an accidental search on orkut that gave me a bunch of lost frnds,my school communities & and a few cute gals i had lost contact wid :):).After a few weeks my xams ended and i was almst free for 2 and half months i had nthng to do other than killing time by orkuting and that was when i joined 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' community ...I must tell u it is fun to scrap there and make friends,I have made a few gud decent and worthy online friends,I wrote testimonials 4 'em i played online games wid 'em and had memorable chats wid 'em !!

From many of the obsessions I acquired from orkut,clicking self-pictures,and captioning accordingly were the ones i cud adept,it still continues,I cud come up wid innovative ideas of clicking pics,like blowing a bubble and clicking it,clickin pics of road side vendors and showing real India,or like the one i have in my DP ryt now and other helluva craps !!

I kept finding my frnds and for those who are totally nerds i made their accounts hoping that they will use it.well,few of them did use it while others gave me lame excuses (frankly for them it's kinda makin fool outta urself by showin off ur personal sides publicly)for not using it !! however I remember their ID's and passwords and can misuse it ant any time if I get indulged in a conflict wid me in future LOL :)

Today i have 336 friends and the no's keep on increasing and decreasing automatically whenver orkut acts in a crazy way...& my fans are 62 in no so if u see the ratio 336:62 u wud find that only 1/5th or lesser of the ppl are my gud friends LOL :):)
and rest of 'em are self-obsessed,yeah I hv been getting freqnt scraps frm my frnds for giving them this immaterial star....which sounds like a weird reqst...but i am very kind so i give them 'one star,three smileys,three squares and three hearts' making them 100 % trusty,cool and sexy !! and it makes me a fake admirer too ...!!

just a few days back when i was at home one of my orkut frnd suggested me to write a poem on orkut and I did,she said it is the best poem that ever can be written on orkut ...I took her appreciations but i know this is nt correct at all..there are ppl who produce bettr shits and wud sap me any day !!

Here is my poem that talks about my experiences and my relations wid da orkut...well,they call me an orkut bee and i am happy wid da tag !!

Orkut-my virtual life!!!!

It’s been rockin da world since nonce,
I get glued & stuck it’s kinda pounce.
It’s a revolution or is it a mania??
I won’t give damn to either & so wud ya !!
So y can’t u chillax & cut da crap ??
Wen u hv frnz n u can scrap .
Are u a freaking gizmo at listener’s end??
Or an imbecile whu can’t even log in??
To hell wid it I ain’t a gawky 4 sure,
& u being a moron wat do I say more??
Yeah the buzz is about orkut heaven,
& I am an addict u will fynd me der 24x7.

It’s one helluva IT cum cyber graphy ,
All u need is an ID & u need be a tech savvy.
Millions of profiles and so many are fake,
But u can’t really quit coz ur fun is at stake.
Pics,vids & comms add on to the frolic,
M goin bonkers can’t help being orkutoholic.
Call me an orkut bee and um happy wid da tag,
M sick of monotony & wannabe a wag.
N sync wid networks, a product so delicious
Ohh luk!!!! Foolhardies pretending to be infelicitious.
I won’t lock my FACE in a BOOK, neither wud giv HI5’s!!
Thanks Mr.Orkut for being there & rockin our lives.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


When I ask myself :

Whom to trust?

The shoulders on which I can cry? The souls I can confess to!

The faces,I can share my sec
rets with....!!

The living creatures cheering me up when my face is very much like a hangdog! The humans whom I can thrash and hearken for the virtues they have!

I get a loud and clear answer from inside saying,"no one other than my own FRIENDS"..I believe,that there are very few people in this world like me those get good friends or should I say good friends fall in the category of endangered species?

Well I have rec
ently realized how important it is to have good friends and ossify it when it comes to the saying that "a friend in a need is a friend indeed" I swear it becomes extremely important when u live outside your home and have to look after your personal things,then you need salubrious souls backing u up every now and then, whenever you fall,whenever you fail,whenever someone tries to sap you..and whenever you are in an illusion of choices between oblivious short comes...!!!

I had many SO CALLED FRIENDS before my college life & I used to think I have the best and I deserved it but my perspective changed when I met the real ones and then i thought OMG!!!! I deserved more than what I had or may be It's some kind of favor that i need to return to someone ....may be in my next birth !!! But yes i have hardly been rude or made my so called friends realize that they are at second place,after the real ones ....but yes i am not includin evryone there becoz they have been kind to me and they might have thought the same thing about me or they din get enough time to make me realize the same!

NOW I th
ink It's those good moments in your life that makes you laugh and cry after you are done with mending up your edifice eclat!!I can't re annex my last three yrs of college life,life was vulnerable when it came to my wrk,my aim,my job but it was soothing,it was exuberant and racy when it came to FRIENDSHIP and the ORGIES we had the kind of FUN & FROLIC ..we had, The MISTAKES we committed the classes we BUNKED and the CHANCES we SCREWED up !!!

I have composed an ode,breathing ebullience whispers of my mind and I have hardly told my friends about it till now, may be they will come to know once they read it out...but I am sharing it with all of you


Little did I know, little did I CARE,

Silly me!! Couldn’t see gems so RARE.

Sempitern relations were affairs so PETTY

And I have been smitten by humor so WITTY.

Till recently I didn’t see, or was reluctant I??

My mind swayed and thoughts I had to DENY.

Affinity for semblance met at HORIZON,

Love and hatred co-existed like an OXYMORON.

Life and breath, it so perfectly BLENDS,

Delirium is over and I get a group called FRIENDS

These fracas and scuffles, it feels like a BLISS,

Night outs and orgies, I hardly ever MISS.

Bunking classes is never a decision so RACY.

Proxies of course, are a part of our LEGITIMACY.

They give me shoulders, when life is at JERK,

They give me reasons, for why I always SMIRK.

Call them life, call them strength, It’s always LESS,

With them life is heaven, even when it’s a MESS.

Plethora of fights and teasing, but it so quickly MENDS.

Souls worth dying for whom I call my FRIENDS.