Friday, December 12, 2008


November wasn't sweet this year at all coz I was busy (for a change). Loads of shiting & peeing on my blog happened and the only reason behind that was frustration. I came up with the posts which probably reflected that, I am either a super Rebel or some average sort of moron frustrated with the Life (Like Chetan Bhagat’s Main lead in his novels).

Okayie so now that my semester has almost come to an END with all the Project,GD,Seminar Formalities out of the way, I am as cool as a cucumber and as hot as red chili :D

I want to enjoy this moment before it gets over in two weeks and another series of exams start knocking me out in the very 1st month of the next semester. So for all those who already know, No point in guessing , but for the rest of you, It’s the time for the Curtain Raiser/Red Carpet of my new Joint Blog. Albeit I had one Joint blog earlier too but that did not work well, because of some frequency mismatch, which I will always Regret for the members were nice and the so the blog was.

Okay so here i come with my new blog, A-shit-for-tat'.(

The blog is Insane and so the members are at times (okay I am including Nidhi too).We are fanstastic 4s so far (Abhinav,Mads,Nidhi,Me). Blog is meant for all phunny and phunky posts, with or without giving a tiny Rat’s shit to logical-o-holics.

Visit the blog, appreciate it, blogroll it, follow it, be regular and as they say “Hate it or Adore it but u can’t Ignore it” so better adore the shit, get the fuck in there, pee and shit as much as you want, we don’t charge a dime (penny sounds insulting nowadays).

Pshyche, I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid. I don’t think my Joke is Working, I must Flee.

P.S: I am going on hibernation from 14th of this month I won’t be very much regular on Orkut, gtalk, Facebook(that’s no exception), will try to comment back on all your comments though, Miss me till I come roaring in 2009.

P.P.S: I have been hearing Eminem songs continuously since 48 hrs with small breaks of course ,the header and the footer are the results. Anyways Eminem ROCKS errrrr RAPS.


  1. I vomited first!
    Come back soon..!
    Have a great journey..!

  2. @ Abhinav

    Thnks for vomiting :D
    & thnks for the wishes

  3. All the best for you blog :) You guys anyways are superb :P

    And yeah wish u luck for xams too...but then do u need tht? lol

    M gonna miss u for sure... on ur blog...

    Take Care and Have fun...looking forward to the posts on the new blog.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. your blogs are sure enough a delight for every reader..have a nice blog-off vacation... :)

  6. Chhori chhhori!!..X-Chrosomes ki chhori!
    Aaengay bhaiya..aa jaeGAY..=P..

  7. all the best!

    congrats on the new group blog (tho, your description kinda grossed me out)
    lol. but its u can pee on it.

  8. hell wid logic....m addin u up...m all for fun :)

  9. lol :P will surely miss u :-(

    anyway...\:d/ 2009 isn't far away though :-) \:D/

  10. Cool as cucumber.. hehe

    Y Not Nidhi and mads instead of Mads and Nidhi heheh Kidding
    Rat Shit??? Kaisa hota hai. maine kabhi nehi dekha :O
    Eminem ROCKS!!!! Hands raised and Head bangs..

  11. hey man the template for new blog is awesome

  12. @ Harshita
    thnks but i am done wid my xams \:d/...and btw i alwys need gud wishes :P

    yes but jus two weeks and i vil be back :D

  13. @ chitwan

    :) yeah man ..hopsa :D

  14. @ crytsal

    Chori :O :O
    kaisi chori ???
    main kinna innocent baccha hun chori ka matlab bhi nahi pata :P

  15. @ hp

    he he u got it so soon ya baat hai :D
    and kep visting that one \:D/
    it vil be fun i promise :D

  16. @ Mads
    well gonna miss all of u :(
    yeah but jus a matter of two weeks...or shud i say

    "jst a moitter de three moits"

    Francias anyone ???

  17. @ Nidhi

    Coz M comes before N (alphabetically) isn't that reason enough ?
    rat's shit Mainey bhi kabhi nahi dekha par bahut small hota hoga i m sure :D

    btw Eminem RAPS :X

  18. hey..nice nwe blog u got thr...blogrolled ya!:) :)

  19. hey..nice nwe blog u got thr...blogrolled ya!:) :)

  20. @ mayuri

    wat u seeing it for the 1st tym :O?

  21. "cool as cucumber, hot as red chilli"

    hehe... thats some contradiction!!..:P

    goin on hibernation eh?..i wish some1 taught me how to do that.The internet addict that i am i can't keep my hands off the computer!..hehe;)


  22. tiiiding!! heylo..m back :)..n yr gone :(

    anyway m blogrolling ur new joint blog becoz knowing all d members its bound to be good :D

    come back soon..tada :)

  23. oye tum bhi gayab :)

    exams take its toll on blogs :)

    is it ?

  24. @ PJ

    contradictions and me that's so me :P

    and dun wrry i vil teach u for sure how to go for it :D

  25. @ trinaa

    SAD be:(
    yeah wait let all members settle in and then its gonna be fun for sure :D

  26. @ SAm
    yeas buddy :(

    btw thnks will ad u soon :D

  27. @ HP

    YAY !!

    chalo kuch toh kiya iss semester mein mainey ...inney saare wadiya bloggers ne inney saare awards diye mainu :P

  28. dude the blog sounds good ....Sounds insane rather :P

  29. Ah the times and tribulations of exams and more!!!

    LOLZ :D

  30. @ heart and soul

    yeah but the post is nt about that u see :D

  31. @ hobo

    it finished long back ..and this post isn't about that :D

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