Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ohh Yea ??

All men are perverts, they are dogs, they are pigs, they are bastards, they are bloody assholes, they are 24x7 high with the ideas of harassing women. They all have similar lascivious interests, cheap characters, a shitty polluted brain made with only crappy dura mater and they are all goddamn losers.

These above lines I have read like zillion times, in billions of blogs by millions of bloggers (counting and exaggerating the fact that one blogger has so many joint blogs)..Alright, On a serious note my reaction to such an idiosyncrasy would be..

Ohh Yea?? Really??

Since when did one category of Homo sapiens started making firm generalizations for its complementing category (that goes equally well for all those men who believe all females are sluts and bitches).

How can a woman feel what a man feels and vice versa?? And when you can’t even juxtapose or compare the emotions, that each of the two categories has within, unless you belong to that one special socially deprived category.

Why one bad experience makes a girl assume that every single guy in the world would probably do the same with her, because out of all the ghastly tasks in the world, molestation is the only thing, what men are best at?

For those who say “all men are perverts, pricks, losers, pigs” and seriously mean it..Don’t you think your father, brother, son, some teachers belong to the same gender and have been so nice with you and may be with all the possible females you know?

This post makes me sound like so called ‘male chauvinist pig’ isn’t it? Well I don’t care when I am rational and till the time it’s my blog..(Remember I can even pee here if I want to?)

Blogospehere has become a place of pseudo intellgensia with a few bloggers trying to spice it by mud slinging and shit juggling on a particular subject like this. This ideology of course can’t be justified by using a few slangs, funky pics, and puking insane witty remarks at any place at any time IMAO :X

P.S: I don’t have any personal grudges with any blogger, blog or any post & this above post is my personal view of a certain ideology which I don’t find right at all.

P.P.S: Excessive Slangs, anonymous whacky comments, Bad remarks for this particular post will be deleted rightaway. So keep your calm and be logical you will find the post genuine. And if u ask me whether it’s a compulsion ??......then .HELL YEAH !


  1. yeah .. generalisations are no good. but if only there weren't bad experiences ! :P

  2. Hmm... I do generalize and shout about it when I get too angry with something :)

    But once am back to my senses, its all okay for me. Its a normal human reaction that prevails for few seconds or at times, days...

    I understand the core of this post as much as you do. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. @ HP

    agreed !!
    but when senses are working fine ...why not apply them ..and think sensibly ?

  4. @ Harshita

    Yeah i have seen your few posts ..but i m nt against your posts ..i am against this mentality actually ...!!

    thnks for understanding what i meant :D

  5. Hey.. who the hell made you write this.. give me her name.. Watt laga aata hoon..! [asterisks ahead]

    Seriously, crimes against innocent, happy and handsome boys are increasing day by day.. we don't say anything to girls (since we have respect for them), doesn't mean they can say foul words to us..

    Stand up boys, let's do sumthing to SOS!



  6. Well....Ur right in whatever u say...i always have generalized guys in my posts...but yeah...not that im gonna stop it :D i do it in good humour..yeah its not right to do it, agreed....

    Anyway stand up boys...u shall get the status u deserve in my next post...

  7. @ Abinav

    he he LOL :D

    No one pointed me out but i feel sad (for we guys )...kinney seedhey saadhe hain apan :P

    we aren't dogs ...are we :O

  8. @ Mads

    I know many people do it for fun ..and try to make it humorous but some female bloggers srsly mean it at times :X

    and yeah u write it in ur blog if u wish too ..i am cool wid it \:D/

  9. i too do it for fun at times.. though i dont mean . i say all guys are dogs and all gals are bitches.. hehe

  10. hmmm guys will be guys & gals will be gals. however i do not like to generalise because there are some women perverts too .
    this post doesn't make u a MCP , infact achha hai if u look through both sides of the glass after all there are no "baap - bhai" galis .

  11. @ Nidhi

    LOL :D yeah fun is okay ...but no generalization \:D/

  12. @ i'll try to be truthful

    thank god at least u also realize that :P
    waise yeah there shud be those galis ...women can use those whenever they want ...but it wont suit them and even guys wont prefer such gals ...so jaisa bhi hai accha hai \:D/

  13. i sersly wish atlst one grl who reads this start thinking wiser.. but grls are grls! :)

  14. @ sawan

    even boys are boys ..but yeah this idiotic mentality should change :D

  15. Phewww.. tatzz quite a rant.. :-)

  16. generalisations is something not only women but every one do...when it comes to idea about men..yes i do agree many girls feel the same..sometimes i do agrue with them for this wrong through but sometimes i just dont bother.

  17. @ Rakesh

    yes evryone does ..that's why i hate guys calling all the gals as sluts and bitches !!

    yeah it's better that u dun giv importance at times ...cz sensible gals will never mean it even if they say so :D

  18. i really dnt agree wid dese facts..
    just some thots..so let it be..
    fir bhi gals wud marry those dogs, go arund wid guys...alsmt all

  19. @ neha
    got confused a lil ..but after u explained wat u meant ....i want to say thank you once more :D

  20. yin & yang , couldn't help commenting back . a friend said people would laugh if i use baap bhai gaalis , & reading some of the comments that u got , those guys are prejudiced too .

  21. @ i'll try to be

    yea one can't change the whole system n invent new thngs anyways wat makes u thnk that those guys are prejudiced ?

    because i think either they have taken it in a funny way or hv written a few apt thngs ..do tell me plzz ?

  22. spare some thoughts for pigs and dogs...they must be thinking wht in hell did they do to deserve this ;)

  23. @ Abhishek

    LOL :D
    yeah but they can't think that's the point :P

  24. Hmmm.... I don't agree with using offensive remarks against either of the gender...
    if there are male perverts, then there are female perverts as well... both have flaws... our fathers and brothers are also men... so it's wrong to apply the same label to ALL of them!

  25. okayyy!!..guys can be dogs at times..and so can girls be fucktards. Period.
    I totally dunno why people get down onto the gender issue everytime..I mean..I personally feel guys make better friend than girls..1) don't backstab 2) more realiable.
    And hello..another thing I can say is..I never saw any guy writing on his blog that how he had an awful experience with a girl..its always girls who take up this medium,and write any crap about that guy..now thats what I loathe about some girls..
    And don't worry..not every girl thinks in the same track..the "every guy is a dog" thinking is totally outdated and fucking outlandish :|

  26. point in case--"i sersly wish atlst one grl who reads this start thinking wiser.. but grls are grls! :)"
    but chill.its ok.

  27. @ Warm sunshine

    well said ..we can't come to any kind of conclusion about the whole category of a species ..because of one bad experience ...!!

  28. @ Crystal

    ohh great ..u believe that too :D

    albeit i was expecting a kinda contradictory comment from your side ..and may be you know why ...but anyways thanks for being rational ...i am chilled now :)

  29. @ i'll try to be

    yeah it depends how you look at the sentence ...may be i can't think the way you think and vice versa ...but being a guy i guess that he mite have been +ve in wat he said ..!!!

    anyways ..there is nthng to debate about ..so we shouldn't continue this :) :)

    PEace out :D

  30. This is an eye opening post! I came here from Mad's blog..

    Being the Emotional Creatures that we are(girls) we lash out at every guys, when one guy is the one that has ruined our "lives" Lol

    I have asked questions but not said all guys.. Good information here on this post. I feel the same of generalizations of Girls from a girls point of view. Can't we all just get long??? And if we can't just keep it quiet!!

    p.s. Sparked a post in me about girls generalizing each other due to hair color and body shape! lol


  31. Arre We men are dogs. I have even said that in a small post in my blog.. All in good humor ;)

  32. @ singledacity89

    yeah every gender has its own flaws ..why crib about it ??
    thanks for dropping by :D

  33. @ urv
    yeah humor is good ..but some gals follow this statement religiously :( and that is SAD

  34. i have had known people "religiously" abusing the opposite sex...and i can attribute reasons:
    (a) just to throw 'fake attitude', so that people around think..OMG,HE/SHE HAS SO MUCH ATTITUDE..(you know its trendy these days to be bad,or sound bad or arrogant)

    (b)many jump on conclusions..just as peter sed..one ghastly incident and then entire race shares the blame

    (c)Person gains popularity (notoriety)..coz others will then obviously gossip about it..ho gaya na banda famous!!??

  35. @ Chitwan

    yeah that's why i said jus passing shits, a few witty remarks and a few funky pics doesn't make anyone prove the point that one gender is better than the other !!

    Lagta hai they all are Roadies worshipers ..LOL ..even i worship Roadies but ..dun get carried away :D

  36. its only wen u feel insecure abt your own gender u strt making a fool of the opp sex & in d end ,end up being fools themselves.

    but again as they say it takes years of hard wrk 2 build a good name ,but a second to destroy it & strangely bt surely pple tend 2 remember negative things & hence their respective thought process.

    good post....2 d point n njoyed reading throo

  37. @ Alex Paul

    Thnks for sharing ur views :D

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  39. Oh Peter, ...You n I are the best..Forget the rest :-)