Friday, December 12, 2008


November wasn't sweet this year at all coz I was busy (for a change). Loads of shiting & peeing on my blog happened and the only reason behind that was frustration. I came up with the posts which probably reflected that, I am either a super Rebel or some average sort of moron frustrated with the Life (Like Chetan Bhagat’s Main lead in his novels).

Okayie so now that my semester has almost come to an END with all the Project,GD,Seminar Formalities out of the way, I am as cool as a cucumber and as hot as red chili :D

I want to enjoy this moment before it gets over in two weeks and another series of exams start knocking me out in the very 1st month of the next semester. So for all those who already know, No point in guessing , but for the rest of you, It’s the time for the Curtain Raiser/Red Carpet of my new Joint Blog. Albeit I had one Joint blog earlier too but that did not work well, because of some frequency mismatch, which I will always Regret for the members were nice and the so the blog was.

Okay so here i come with my new blog, A-shit-for-tat'.(

The blog is Insane and so the members are at times (okay I am including Nidhi too).We are fanstastic 4s so far (Abhinav,Mads,Nidhi,Me). Blog is meant for all phunny and phunky posts, with or without giving a tiny Rat’s shit to logical-o-holics.

Visit the blog, appreciate it, blogroll it, follow it, be regular and as they say “Hate it or Adore it but u can’t Ignore it” so better adore the shit, get the fuck in there, pee and shit as much as you want, we don’t charge a dime (penny sounds insulting nowadays).

Pshyche, I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid. I don’t think my Joke is Working, I must Flee.

P.S: I am going on hibernation from 14th of this month I won’t be very much regular on Orkut, gtalk, Facebook(that’s no exception), will try to comment back on all your comments though, Miss me till I come roaring in 2009.

P.P.S: I have been hearing Eminem songs continuously since 48 hrs with small breaks of course ,the header and the footer are the results. Anyways Eminem ROCKS errrrr RAPS.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ohh Yea ??

All men are perverts, they are dogs, they are pigs, they are bastards, they are bloody assholes, they are 24x7 high with the ideas of harassing women. They all have similar lascivious interests, cheap characters, a shitty polluted brain made with only crappy dura mater and they are all goddamn losers.

These above lines I have read like zillion times, in billions of blogs by millions of bloggers (counting and exaggerating the fact that one blogger has so many joint blogs)..Alright, On a serious note my reaction to such an idiosyncrasy would be..

Ohh Yea?? Really??

Since when did one category of Homo sapiens started making firm generalizations for its complementing category (that goes equally well for all those men who believe all females are sluts and bitches).

How can a woman feel what a man feels and vice versa?? And when you can’t even juxtapose or compare the emotions, that each of the two categories has within, unless you belong to that one special socially deprived category.

Why one bad experience makes a girl assume that every single guy in the world would probably do the same with her, because out of all the ghastly tasks in the world, molestation is the only thing, what men are best at?

For those who say “all men are perverts, pricks, losers, pigs” and seriously mean it..Don’t you think your father, brother, son, some teachers belong to the same gender and have been so nice with you and may be with all the possible females you know?

This post makes me sound like so called ‘male chauvinist pig’ isn’t it? Well I don’t care when I am rational and till the time it’s my blog..(Remember I can even pee here if I want to?)

Blogospehere has become a place of pseudo intellgensia with a few bloggers trying to spice it by mud slinging and shit juggling on a particular subject like this. This ideology of course can’t be justified by using a few slangs, funky pics, and puking insane witty remarks at any place at any time IMAO :X

P.S: I don’t have any personal grudges with any blogger, blog or any post & this above post is my personal view of a certain ideology which I don’t find right at all.

P.P.S: Excessive Slangs, anonymous whacky comments, Bad remarks for this particular post will be deleted rightaway. So keep your calm and be logical you will find the post genuine. And if u ask me whether it’s a compulsion ??......then .HELL YEAH !