Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ŃŐŚŤÁĹĞĨÁ ------ α ƒєєℓιηg ωιтнιη !!!!

I have been nostalgic before in my life too, but this weekend i wrapped up a little of what i have felt during all my life, after being excessively and abruptly nostalgic again for probably no reason.


Deep-rooted somewhere in veins,

Vexing, Shaking, ruining, a complete clandestine torture.

Abysmal, tendentious heart ache,

Soothing like a zephyr & yet painful like a raw burn.

Conundrum of tears and fears,

Insinuating, corroding, tickling, cherished times.

Onymous & salient expressions,

Vulnerable & lackluster scars from the past.

Dreamy, flamboyant whispers,

And the repercussions of quandary mesmerizing acts.

I abhor it, sulk myself,

Occluded mind, occluded soul, occluded in the memories.

P.S: The meaning hidden in the poem might sound a little ambiguous but please think this way that for the very 1st time i have written a poem that has no rhyming but just feelings entrapped, I hope i did not fail, and hope you people like it.


  1. I liked it for the feelings it has...but had to keep a dictionary by my side to understand all of it :)

    Long time back I left reading Baron's and Norman Lewis...so all I could manage with my kinda vocabulary I did ;)

    All in all a good one from you.

  2. gr8 feel!!
    a typo perhaps-"lackluster"~"lacklustre"

  3. @ Harshita

    LOL..u got the feel naa ...that's enough !!!
    and thnks for liking it !

  4. @ anwesa

    No no it is 'lackluster' only ...though it can be written as 'lacklustre' but that won't be much correct ...

    see even when i type it here it is getting underlined by a red line ...LOL

  5. oye babaji(Hero) thode easy wrds ka upyog kara kariye hum sab bhartiye hai...:D
    humka itna angrezi nahi aavat
    waise jo bhi likha hai accha hi hoga:P

    are seriously baba badiya hai maze a agaye:P
    nw nw wrds seekhne ko jo mile

  6. @ bhagguhey

    why are u after my wrds ??
    wrds mein kya rakha hai bhawnaaon ko samjho !

  7. where the hell is my dictionary?!?!?

  8. nice poem...though it didn't rhyme, i dont really think it matters, even if its not ur style of writing...variety is the spice of life :D

    yeah,guess u'll keep using such big words even if us peter fanatics complain :P
    this way, u'll pass TOEFL exams with an awesome score ! :P

  9. @ Hp
    why is everyone running to get the dictionaries for them ....didn't u guys read my previous poems :O ??
    if u can understand those ..this is just like those poems only !

  10. @ mads

    yeah will try writing these kind of poems again, provided people appreciate the feelings behind the poem and stop wondering about my vocab...

    btw this poem is dedicated to you and you know why ..and TOEFL and GRE related studies have helped me a lot increasing my vocab not vice versa !!

  11. I'll have 2 get u some kinda anxiolytics... :) dude r u alright?
    Too much adrenaline these days :-) well...i think i forgot where i kept ma dictionary :-) good

  12. hey i was thinking i had to sit with my dictionary open to understand this poem.. thank god it was much more easy as u explained me.. i liked the poem.. man u shud have cracked cat atleast Eng main toh nikalpadti teri...
    i have to have a word of the day from u to improve my vocab :P

  13. Peter, I like the poem very much and appreciate that you let your feelings flow.
    Very nice
    This is needed once in a while
    Keep writing in such flows and you'll discover all sorts of feelings come up

    Enjoy and all the best
    P.S. Your style is unique, especially your use of words that seem natural :)

  14. Peter ji,

    Galti ho gayi...agli baar se dictionary kholengey toh bataayengey nahi :P

    Yaa fir hum bhi apni vocab ko enhance karengey...afterall aapki posts aur bhaavnaao, dono ko samajhna zaruri hain...lollzzz

    Chill Maaar Oye!

  15. Peter the poet...dont worry so much ..feelings are always valued ..and since these were 'felt by you' they are appreciated ...:)

  16. dont worry peter dear...ur feelings hv been appreciated! its another thing that google helped alot in d process :P

    hehe..no but seriously..bahut acha poem hai..lago raho mr.reeves! :D :P

  17. @ k.o.c.h.u
    well yeah i am alright....!!
    just emotional outbursts :P

  18. @ nidhi

    He he i think I should write down the exact meaning from the next time onwards ...!!

    so word for today is the first difficult word frm the poem CLANDESTINE= a crux, puzzle dilemma !

  19. @ Bhawana
    thank god you are the very first person to say in after this poem that this was good and natural :D

    else everyone is a little annoyed by the new type and the excess usage of adjectives :D
    thnks :P

  20. @ harshita ji

    hum apni style sudhar lenge ...aap tension naa lo aage se shikayat ka mauka nahi denge

    LOL :D

  21. @ think thank

    accha aisa kya :O
    thnks re :D

  22. @ trinaa

    goggle :O
    u cud have said dictionary, like others :P

    and thnks a ton for liking it :D

  23. poetrys r lik d bst thing to read..for me
    no wries re
    more imp is d way u express..

  24. when i can say GOOGLE..y should i say dictionary? google zindabad samjhe? :P :D

  25. @trina

    grrrrr I was being sarcastic :X
    nt funny :X

  26. don't get mad now, but i didn't get a dictionary , i just read & re read it thrice to understand .
    Is it what you truly felt , its quite hard to put down what you feel so intensely into words
    will say twas a 'thought invoking read'

  27. @ i'll try to be truthful

    I am nt getting mad becoz ppl din understand the meaning but coz i failed in expressing perhaps ..readers couldn't link to it i guess !!!

    btw thnks to you :)

  28. @ i'll try to be truthful

    ohh thnks i knw u do :D

  29. First question what on earth makes you think of your comments as vomit ?!!!!


    I lost my appetite to comment now !!!!!

    Well, as of the ambiguity you think this piece may have., I beg to differ....ow can it be ambiguous when you already mentioned in your header what you're gonna talk about,aye ??!


    Its nice. Liked it.

  30. What precisely is onymous??Perhaps ominous? :O

    SCribblers Inc.

  31. Oh yeah..I'm here to puke down what I feel...errm! :P
    This was really well done if this is you FIRST attempt..kudos man..keep it up! :D

  32. @ Cinderella

    when you vomit the other person doesn't know wats gonna come out ..same case here LOL :D

    and thank you very much for liking it, it is really encouraging :D

  33. @ scribblers inc

    it is onymous only opposite of anonymous....not ominous .. :D

  34. i liked the whole scheme and fell...nicely done :)

    NEw here...loved r blog...count me in as a regular vomittor ;p

  35. @ meghna

    sure :P
    i welcome a new vomiter on my blog :D
    vomit as much as you want :D

  36. yea...sure....tis is a suitable palce LOL!

    BTW, thanks for ur visit but the blog u visited is not my actual blog...visit the otr one and am sure u'll like it bttr :)

  37. is it just u n me n a few other nostalgic souls or is it in the weather... hmmmmmm

    but nicely done man :)

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. @divkiran

    not just you and me ..it is in all those who feel the same zephyr which is soothing and which is also like a raw burn :P

  40. Its amazing surely..although am an amateur poet as well, but this one surely was a terrific attempt!! mine r generally simple n short...n tht too dedicated to someone in particular..
    gr8 work dude!! :)

  41. @ chitwan
    thnks man :D
    now i have enough people who have liked my very 1st attempt ..for somethng like this ....i vil make sure that in future too i do justice to it like i did now and earlier :D

  42. had a hard tym understanding those words....but got the feel of the poem..


  43. Aise aise words use karke bachho ki dhang se lelo. nahi?

  44. @ Abhinav

    bacchey nahi hain ..time bomb hain saale (K.K menon says in Saurya) LOL :D