Saturday, November 29, 2008


Couldn't have been worse ??
I asked myself, dumbstruck, analyzing it !!
Where did I go wrong ?? Is it fake ?? or am I through a nightmare??

Several queries put ablaze, hustling for their ways to respective satisfactory ends. But it is a brutal fact that reality is never washed off by simply gazing, neither it gets improved by enormously inspecting.

I was perplexing even under an Air conditioner and did not utter a word as if someone gag me or as if i Saw a ghost all of a sudden. But i would have definitely chosen to scream in the later case because some how i find ghosts very interesting and would love to become a ghost hunter even if that causes me to wet my pants while hunting.But what i saw was miserable and vulnerable at the same time. I still regret for that one major failure and its after effects.Today it is more than five years ..but the trauma still prevails, it ruined my confidence, It was a catastrophic fiasco and i am still ways behind overcoming it.As they say history repeats itself, so it did !!
But i was a veteran by now and was innocuous,so could easily concede myself to envisage with the people around.

It still happens now and then, it's a signal failure, a fiasco, I always guess the lower limit and BINGO!! The barb hits the lower limit without diverting even a single inch.

But i have learned, I have learned to fail. I am just another guy who enjoys the victories equally like he regrets the failures.

P.S: I just now saw what i had written in my diary long back so i wrote it here because i was running short of ideas for the posts. I don't want to reveal what this failure was all better get it and show some sympathy or read the write up with apathy :D


  1. :P
    ohkk i didnt get it
    samajh nai aaya

    (ab theek hai)

  2. u kept we wondering thru out the post. i thot atleast u'll reveal in ur P.S. :(( hard luck..
    first i thot it has smth to do with mumbai blast..
    any ways.. winning and loosing are two side of coins.. nw see madsi. she keep cribing abt her failure with sports but she still cont. doesnt she??
    I agree history repeats. bu ti wonder wth repeated with u??

  3. Hooohoohaaa..uhm..okay okay..t'was very dumped,got puked upon..kuch toh hua hai =P
    But anyway..I shit in my diary in that way too..nice time pass.
    Par chhodo..jokes apart..good post!..expressive

  4. Will follow your blog ab se..try doing the same if you wannabe regular at my plc

  5. Hmm... U r a winner as soon as you start accepting the failures and you becomes a pro at them :)

    U are a winner,dude!

  6. hmmm ,sometimes when past failures raise their ugly head ,it's hard to imagine how it could be happening againg esp. since the last time was bad enough.
    ps: i do get it if u dont wanna reveal the reason , somethings are too personal to 'tell all'

  7. i second nidhi...
    i thought it was something to do with the blasts in the beginning

    PS- failures make you stronger and help you better cherish and appreciate your victories.


  8. @ nidhi
    i dun think u have any doubts left for this write up anymore ...hai naa ?

  9. @ sawan

    keep doing that :D

    @ crystal

    nah none of those ..waise bhi it's 5 yrs old incident so nthng to crib about !!
    btw i have blog rolled u !

  10. @ trinaa

    he he
    i love that's so Bihari :D

  11. @ i'll try to be truthful

    yeah thats true but in my case it is not very personal is not of much importance for the others that's why i am nt revealing it :P

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  13. @ aqua girl

    i was expecting similar kind of comments from many readers :D

  14. Hmmm i have to say, pretty nice space you have here... i skimmed through it, seems very interesting :)

    im blogrolling you too... me promishhh to come back for a thorough read :)

    happy blogging!!!

  15. @ warmSunshine

    welcome and thnks :D

  16. made an interesting read...totally cud relate to it..cud hv been better explained,as in more in depth....but since u dont wanna reveal the meaning..guess its alright...and it looked so much like a diary entry.... :D

  17. @ madsi

    yeah it is a diary wala post only ...but my diaries aren't personal ..:D

  18. at first i thought something happened recently..then like others...i thought its mumbai wala blasts you are talking about....But aho!!what a way to let the readers hook in to your post! well if your diaries aren't personal plus you began this post (as if you want to share something, but stopped just because its your diary moment), then i guess there is no harm in sharing with your blogger friends..after all, few of them owe a great to you..right mads?

    else you wouldn't even have begun typing this..had it been a deep dark secret :D

  19. @ chitwan
    yeah my diary isn't a secret or personal fact all the poems which i have posted here, i wrote them 1st in the diary :D

    thnku for liking this half post with loads of confusions combined:P

  20. heh, no revelation on what the post is about!
    old diaries are an awesome thing to read after years have gone by..

  21. @falli

    yeah no revelation not ..becz it's personal but becz it dun think it's important :D

    thnks for dropping by :D

  22. man u maintain a diary! hats off to u! i could not even get close to writing more than 5 entries in mine!;-)

    'The barb hits the lower limit without diverting even a single inch.' that statement gave my dirty mind some ideas..but i prefer to keep it to myself!:-D

    good going...

  23. man u maintain a diary! hats off to u! i could not even get close to writing more than 5 entries in mine!;-)

    'The barb hits the lower limit without diverting even a single inch.' that statement gave my dirty mind some ideas..but i prefer to keep it to myself!:-D

    good going...

  24. @ rakesh


    @ nits

    yeah my diary is more ova poem and article sort f ....hardly any personal matter :D

  25. how come i dont know wen ur blog updates han? wen u wrote dis so long back wats the point of sympathising ..loked more like indian intelligence failure to me :P

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  27. same here ...i too cant c ur recent post :O
    arey i ws running short of ideas ...thts y i wrote it

  28. well jo ho gaya so ho gaya
    now tht all is ok... have fun and YENJOYYYYY!!!

    n while u do tht, n since u asked for it, my sympathies are all with u :P

  29. oooohh..quite interesting. Ghost hunting, eh?

    I coudnt quite guess what it was about but i think ghost hunting is quite cool. And i think you can carry change for every time you pee in your pants. :P

    On a more serious note, nice page here. :)

  30. @ sakshi

    i think u r the 1st reader to notice that \:D/

    thnks for dropping by :D

  31. this time actually vommititng of muddled head....pura sar ke uppar se gaya....samajh nahi aaya

    one thng....aap ka blog padh ke jaane ke baad mein apne aap ko nasamajh samajhne lagti hoon....

    BTW, sorry for not visiting.... had tests going on :O

  32. @ Meghna

    LOL it wasn't meant for understanding one understood this post actually :D

    and no srry ...kiddo enjoi ur xams (owww enjoyment and xams ..oxymoron :P )