Friday, October 17, 2008

There are times, when U say "WTF"

My right click doesn’t work even if u apply a pressure of a Newton per meter sq or a Pascal in SI units, to hell with that, I got used to the key in between the ‘ctrl’ and ‘alt’ buttons on my keyboard,(every man makes his way out, I am sure he does!)..but copying a picture or a wallpaper was still a pain in the ass. Every time I used that button the options appeared were ‘yahoo’, ‘book mark this page’ , ‘reload’,’ back’ unlike when you use your mouse, ‘copy’ , ‘save as’ and other options appear, so I discovered a new way of dragging the pics to the destined folders….

Now What I want to say from all the above things is that, You must be knowing that you can lock your albums, videos everything on Orkut and copying doesn’t take place, so I kind of unlocked my album and was pretty much convinced that no one can copy the image unless he/she goes for a print screen option and I would be happy to give her/him my image for free if he/she is desperate enough for getting it, or provided the girl is cute and the guy is my fan (not a gay). But accidentally one day I applied my trick on my own orkut’s album and dragged down the image to my desktop …now this was the moment when anybody would have said the four letter word....I mean what orkut is doing so many people don't know this trick just check it now..

Last semester when I saw an orkut community devoted to the Salman fans (me being one) and having members in six digits (which is huge) ..turning in to Abhishek Bachhan community overnight. Probably the owner’s account was hacked … WTF, I can't be an AB fan specially after watching DRONA when i have decided not to watch his movies for next five years at least.

A few days back I opened my account on orkut and saw a fake nude profile in my frnd list ..It had all the pics of my friend in the album but the DP was someone’s ass (probably a gal….duh!)… of course It was hacked …screw unethical hackers and say loudly WTF.

My bro’s picture was copied and a new fake profile was made with his DP, MY one of the fav poems( My senses of déjà vu) got copied and pasted on someone’s profile in 'about me' section so I had to remove it from my ‘about me’. I hate Plagiarism!

P.S: while jotting down the above incidents my system hanged twice and I had to write it thrice(including the final time) so I scream at the top of my voice”dude Wat The F?”


  1. We all have our share of "WTF" moments...and worst is when u wanna say tht but u can't...he he he...

    I remember it accidentally slipped out of my mouth after a crappy meeting in office that went on for 4 long hrs and yielded on results...daah! I am more wary of doing this now :)

    I agree...all the stuff you came across...the most apt thing to say was- WTF

    Loved this post...

  2. well i am reluctant in saying the F word so I say what the duck, pluck, yuck, luck, buck and so on...

    well my orkut profile was also stolen by a friend of mine and sum stranger... So i had to change it... although I reported abuse that guy for 500 times.. }:-)

    Get your keyboard working well buddy!

  3. haaaaaaaaw...damn these hackers!
    ..i had many wtf moments today..infact i almost said it to a couple of aunties...i noe y guys stare..but i totally do not understand y aunties stare!! its a maaaaad world!

  4. It is the wonder of Internet.. Though it makes our life easier, there are many instances it makes us go WTF.. I have not had any serious WTF internet incidents till now luckily..
    Though one time in orkut, i automtically got enrolled in about 18 communities.

  5. hahahah LOL Peter, whatever funny things happen to you, they make you look sho cuteeee :)))

    LOL @ Trinaa ..seriously why do Aunites stare ????

  6. yea mahn, this kind of stuff is so bloody irritating!

  7. awful thing to happen , my bro's profile got hacked once & similar shit happened to him too. how could salman's fan club turn into AB"s ????? some questions will never be answered!!

  8. Fucking fucked up frustrated post this was....
    i wish everyone was as dumb as me at would be much more peaceful with dumb people around :-)

    and change ur computer system for heavens sake!!!!!! :X

  9. "what the F" is undoubtedly worlds most popular reaction to almost everything :P

  10. lol..a frustrated post!..
    nice blog

  11. @ harshita
    I had no such restrictions ...I said it as loudly as possbl :P

  12. @ abhinav

    but dun u knw that one person can report abuse only once ...and even if he does it for more than that .it doesn't get counted :P

  13. @ trinaaa

    yeah damn unethical hackers !

    and aunties turning in to bisexuals in RANCHI ???
    wew that a kinda news to me LOL :P

  14. @ sarath

    yeh that too happnd wid me and it happs only when u clik on the links that has orkut viruses !

  15. @ i'll try to be

    I guess the hacker must have been an Abhishek Bachhan fan he hacked the owners profile !

  16. @ mads
    I have changed the mouse now evrythng is gud and perfect :P

    and I too wish that I was like u :D

  17. @ deepti
    srsly gal !

    @ crystal

    yeah man !

  18. must say all of us have our WTF moments.. worse part is u cant always say that.. and especially if you r sitting in front of ur parents or any family elders.. whoaaa.. lets not even go there..

    about the fake id's or profiles.. thts the job of the hackers.. to find ways to hack into stuff.. dont know wht gains do they have out of it.. oh well its just another WTF moments..

  19. i never thought abt this.. well said. all of us have our WTF moment .. after reading ur post some days back the next even i had WTF moment and my status is GTALK was WTF..

    I wish ur MOuse wrk soon.
    Orkut is any time a lighter site than facebook, esp for me my frens are much of facebook freak but becuz of slow speed here i only use orkut.
    once somebody had given my no. in a community of blore call girls. i got so many calls from all around the world imagine.. later whn i asked one despo hw he gt my no. he gave me the link of the community and thru some help i gt it reported as spam ... didnt wrk out much and i had to change my no, :(

  20. ohh dis is real shit..
    yeah things happen lik dat..
    its a different category of people

  21. hhmmmmm yeah hard times for ya.....

    even i was throuigh the same shit i mean i wrote a blog post of mine 3 times..... 2 times my computer got stucked and third time .... power failure.... and i was like wat the F//....


  22. I would say a lotta stuff after that just said WTF!!

  23. @ ani
    yeah wid friends and families there are so many restrictions on the lingo !

    and damn the hackers ...they shud use their skills in something that is useful !

  24. @ nidhi

    SAD :(
    u would have been pissed off really hard I guess ..that was really insane whoever did that ..damn those insane guys !

  25. @ neha

    yeah they sure are diff kinda ppl ...silly jobless, and insane !

  26. @ vemuri

    yeah but tht's not only the thng the rest of the post is damn irritating :(

  27. @crasiezt

    i did say other thngs too but I can't write those on the blogs naa :P

  28. ya ..orkut is the shitiest thing on net nxt to porn

  29. @ priya
    same to u :D

    @ think thank

    :O i din knw that :P

  30. well well have nvr evr said WTF....but yeah tend to hear this aftr evry xperiment wid do :P