Monday, October 6, 2008

The one with the F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.T

I am back with the list full of shits I have been DOPED (do I sound like EMINEM ?).Never Mind I was actually trying to do the acidulous Chandler Bing's thing.

Yes I have been watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S religiously lately and I am enjoying it like I did never before. Blame it on my boring internship program or my free time.I am in love with the characters of the soap.Though it's quite old and I was merely 10 or 11 yrs old wen its 1st season was aired.It's fun to watch ten episodes in a row now when u have DVDs available somehow(thanks to ENNY).

I have jotted a few dialogues or even monologues that made me go LOL, ROFL, LMAO, LMFAO,ROFLMAO and ROTFLMFAO and what not....*sigh* !!

1.when Ross Gellar kisses Chandler's mom the very next day when they meet:
ROSS: Hey chandler!!
CHANDLER: Hey mother kisser :P

2.when Joey doesn't get the part in the movie he explains the reason like this:
JOEY: They are saying that that I am a good actor but a bad kisser and it's like Mother Terressa a bad mother :D

3.CHANDLER: Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian ......wait did I say that too loud ?

4.when Chandler explains monica about pig sex
CHANDLER: A pig can have like a 100 sexual partners in a lifetime and dats just an ordinary pig, not even a pig that is good at sports.

4.CHANDLER: The monkey has a ROSS on it's ASS

5.CHANDLER:If I turn into my parents, I'll either be an alcoholic blond chasing after twenty-year-old boys, or... I'll end up like my mom.

6.Monica is making Chandler do sit-ups...
MONICA: Five more, and I'll flash you.
CHANDLER: One...Two...Two n a half...ok just show me one of them.

7.Chandler: our guy has great hair!
pheebs: my guy has great teeth!

8.CHANDLER: In school I failed in bilogy and today biology failed me!!

9.Phoebe tells everyone that she doesn't believe in gravity, someone knocks really hard on the door and
CHANDLER: I guess that's Isaac Newton and he's pissed....!!

10.ROSS: So does your 3rd nipple do anything??
CHANDLER: Why yes, Ross, pressing my third nipple opens the service entrance to the magical land of Narnia !!

11. JOEY: she has got all what a man wants ..Beauty YEAH brain NOoo !!

12.JOEY: chandler you have crossed the line, infact the line is a Dot to you now.

13.CHANDLER :(with two arms showing) hey suppose in one hand u have jam
and in the other hand u have ur wife's naked butt where wat wud u choose ??
JOEY : now put both ur hands together.

and the best one is ofcourse all time favourite of JOEY'S " HOW YOU DOIN??"

P.S : Last night I saw DRONA and felt like puking,I felt a few sand particles in my mouth flying from the screen (in short dimag ka dahi ho gaya !!!!) So I have taken the laughter medicine instead of disprine to kill my headache and if u want to make me laugh just add a few more jokes or F.R.E.N.D.S.H.I.T.S


  1. FRIENDS must be really gud as almost everyone is into it...

    I have seen few episodes...but am more into HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER series. :)

    Gr8 to know something made you smile after a boring lot of time.

  2. hahaha! thanks for putting these up! hilarious !

  3. good listing.. at first, i read it friend-shit !!!

  4. heyy..nice one thr..
    FRIENDS alwez brings a smile to my face..and this blog certainly inspired me to relive the exp of watchin it agen.. :)

  5. loved them!!! chandler rocks :D :D hehehe...i never watched f.r.i.e.n.d.s religiously when i was at home coz i was busy wid other stuff (dont ask what :P) but after coming to hostel, everyone's always hooked on to 'f.r.i.e.n.d.s' or 'how i met ur mother'....i'v taken a vow to see both religiously after d exams :D :D :D

    good post!! cheered me up like anything after (yet another) disasterous day at college... ;-)

    hope the Drona headache's disappeared now.. :-)

  6. dude you got dvds of all 10 seasons??!!!
    now i am jealous peter!:P:P

    i love friends like anything...
    one of my favorite lines is this...

    joey...."That's right, I stepped up! She's my friend and she needed help! If I had too, I'd pee on any one of you!"

    and i like the episode where ross gets his teeth bleached...that one cracks me up!:D

    friends is awesome.I mean i can watch it a million times and still wouldnt get bored!Its too good!

    btw...are u plannin on sellin those dvds sometime?;)

  7. oh yeah FRIENDS is d bst thng tht ever happened on Star World... nd by the way who said 2 u to watch tht shitty movie DRONA
    maine toh pehle hi kaha tha tereko Kiddnaappppp dekh le bt tu mere kahan maanta hai :x

  8. Sum scenes or dialouges whch I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee frm F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
    1. scene when Chandler runs away just before his marriage and leaves a letter in Monica's room which said " I AM SORRY" and Pheobee thinks that Chandler wants to tell that his name is not Chandler but instead it is "SORRY":) ..This one is really funny for me.

    2.“Chandler: Ding dong, the psycho's gone.”


    drona sucked :O i love AB :(

  10. and you said I give you hints of Chandler!!!

    Gotto watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. pretty soon ;)

  11. hmmm frimds is and will be good.....

    and u remind me about it so iam surely gonna see it today...thnx anyway....

    drona sucked.... yaa may be few of ma friends tole me the same thing

  12. m nt much a friends freak.. i watch it at times. thought i watched 2 seasons f how i met ur mother and two seasons of heroes and one and half season of prison break .. all on dvd :)

  13. Well another friends freak..welcome welcome...
    one of those sitcom which you dont get tired of watchin ne nos of times...
    trust me not tho i know most of the dialogues ...
    its real fun

  14. @ Harshita

    yeah and i have not seen the one u named :P
    but yeah friends is damn gud :P
    watch it u vil like it :P

  15. @ hp

    he he i knw :P

    @ spectator

    then at first u read crrctly it's frnds shit only i have combined the words so that it makes a sound like friendship !

  16. @ mayuri

    watch it watch it :P

  17. @mads

    but m still askin wat stuff ??
    and yeah drona trauma is still prevailing and will continue till i dun see a gud movie :P

  18. @ sweta

    he he he tht was really funny :P
    and phebees is really dumb :D

  19. @ pj

    yeah tht episode was damn funny ..jelly fish wala naa ??

    and yeah My frnd had it i copied all the seasons cant sell it :P

  20. @ luckydivz

    yeah drona sucked big tym ..and srry but AB sucked even more IMAO :X

  21. @ y2a

    yeah i said coz u do at times ..!
    watch it :P

  22. @ vemuri

    yeah so u also have dvds or do u watch the star world they smtimes still show the repeated seasons !

  23. @ nidhi

    ohh watch it re's awesm u vil ike it I can write and giv it to u

  24. @ rakesh
    so u are one too :P
    gud gud

  25. lmao! it ws damn funny man! but does drona suck big time! oh my..n a few hrs i wll b n the theathre watchin it. its more f catchin up wit old frnd , don care 4 de movie anyweys

  26. @ vemuri

    ohh great :P

    @ enchanted illusion

    yeah thnks and god bless u ..I pray that u come out of theater all well and gud :P

  27. oh i love friends nd strangely i started watchin it recently a month ago.....after having dvds an year ago :P i just love every bit of it feebs rocks :)

  28. @ deepti
    yeah outta all the three gals she rocks I like her too :P

  29. oh my gwd..
    u have got all the 10 seasons dvd..

    whoooaaaa thats awwwwesssommee..
    hehe ok by my reactions am sure u must have guessed how big a fan i

    there this one about
    Rachel is talking to Ross or rather fighting and its to do with the " we were on the break thing"

    sad that its ended.. :(

  30. @ ani

    yeah actually they make fun of each other a lot specially Ross is the bakra alwys ...3 divorced marriages :P

  31. yeh i know

    there is also this time.. when monica and chandler.. have a fight.. this is just before they are getting engaged..

    and they have this big fite right.. and he proposes to her.. to make her happy.. and monica asks chandler what made him propose.. and he was like u were not speaking.. so i asked the guys.. and monica replies back.. who 3 divorces and joey???
    feel sad for ross though.. ;)

  32. Am a die hard F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan and am quite addicted to it...

    Have seen all the seasons atleast 5 -6 times and I still watch atleast 2 -3 episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S everyday...

    You left me laughing out loud for quite some time with your post and ofcourse superb dialogues from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  33. Thanks for alerting me about drona.. now i will avoid even the pirated print:)

  34. @ ani
    yeah ross is sucha dumb guy but his expressions are awesm remeber the epidode wid the sandwich and the one with the unagi (chineese art of defense) My god I cudn't stop laughing wen the pigeons fly wen he shouts at his boss "U ate my sandwitch"

    and the expressions wen he says UNAGI !!

  35. @ nidhi !!

    yeah thnk u ...include me in ur list of frnds fanatics :P

    thnks for dropping by !

  36. hehe i can tell another..
    when he comes to know about chandler and monica.. and he says the same sentence but in different tones.. like.. oh you guys knew and didnt tell me..

  37. Ah m a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE FRIENDS fan.... I just love it.... n i have nvr like nethn as much as i love it... if u get time, try readin this post i wrote for FRIENDS :)

  38. hahaha u watched drona and puked.....hilarious!!!!! will save me from doing the same....:P:P

  39. friends is a classic comedy!!
    too gud..masst n shandarrr

    n dnt say abt drona, jo poori picture jhel le woh mahan haiii

  40. @ ani

    yeah he does remember wen he says why why why, why did u do that's awesm :P

  41. @ mini mini mouse

    Yeah saw ..nice one ..but u shud have written the dialogues too :P

  42. @ neha

    Yea tht means i am mahan :P

  43. yeah woh toh tu hai
    u just proved it

  44. shit drona after friends? u were mad even to try

  45. @ think thnk

    not after friends was jus my plan to watch kindap din get the tickets so ended up watching drona !

  46. lollzz that was funny....

    miss that show though I know it's still on the tele ......
    gotta catch some episodes ......

  47. LOL
    Friends is funny. Once you are through with it. Do check out Will n Grace..That too is an LOL sitcom
    and Long time no post...
    Keep laughing
    Nice music on the blog though :)

  48. ooooooo....u just made me go back to that time...FRIENDS was just awsome....even i got 10 dvds some time back from a friend....and i just got hooked to it.....its just soo funny....and u feel yourself attached to the characters once u start watching it....the last one did make me shdnt have ended.....but i guess tht was the message..u gotta move on....thanks for reminding us such a beautiful series....

  49. and ya i agree with u....DRONA of the worst movie ever story no music....just tons of visual effects cant really make a movie...

  50. @ bahwana

    ohh i sure i vil !
    and thnks :)

  51. @arpit !

    thnks for dropping here :P

  52. LMAO...although I know that friends is funny..but I still dont watch it. Stubborn me.

    And YES! DRONA is the biggest piece of shit ive seen in my life. 3 hours of constant shit-juggling. Dont watch it if you are proud of your happy life.


  53. hehhehhe remember that epi ( sry don't remember the dialogues ) whwn joey has to audition for a French play & phoebe takes it up to teach him French , but all he keeps on saying is " blah boo bee paa " ?? Sometimes i wish i could reply to people in the same way . Friends was too good (still is ) but good things last only 10 years ( alas! )

    p.s drona????? he bhagwaan , don't mind but kya soch kar dekha?? ( pri chopra ?? ) atleast kidnap dekh ke hansi to ayii thi .

  54. @ comfortably numb

    OWW watch it man's nice and if u can watch a series ...

    and yeah m not gonna watch any AB movie onwards

  55. @ i'll try to be

    he he yeah ..
    remember the dialogue in that episode wen Joey says welcum to NY or shud I say blah blo blah baba boo !!

    Chandler says "why wud u say that?'"
    LOL that was damn funny :P

    and i had gone to see kindnap only but din get the tickets :(

  56. hehhe ya that was
    its ok , u just missed minishaa in her .. well .. nu avatar ( hope u didn't miss her later )

  57. good one dude...
    btw.... thanx for mentioning mah name here... it kinda helped me smhow... ;)