Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is a special night, as I am so delighted and blessed, because for the first time in the history of my blogging career I am going to give away the awards to all the special bloggers I know, appreciate, love, follow and respect.

I believe all you deserving bloggers here had some ideas in your minds before you actually started blogging, because always in life an idea starts small, it is only a sapling idea, but the vines come and they try to choke your idea so it cannot grow and it dies and you will never know you had a big idea, an idea so big that it could have grown thirty meters through the dark canopy of leaves and touched the face of the sky.

So without the further ado I bring to you, the fantabulous categories of the awards and their respective winners :)

# There are some people who are brilliant thinkers and writers, Hatz off to their writing skills. So we have our 1st award for today’s evening & the BRILLIANT WRITER AWARD goes toooooo VINU and COMFORTABLY NUMB

# Next category of award is called the SARCASTIC BLOGGER and it goes to two genuinely deserving bloggers…..Abhinav a.k.a Y2A and MADHURI a.k.a MADS

# ”They say creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity”, and I say it’s sometimes pretty genuine and well planned and I can’t agree more on that, as we have three bloggers truly justifying it. Next award is called The 'KREATIVE BLOGGER' award and goes to DIVKIRAN, PHOENIX a.k.a RAKA & NEHA a.k.a Joiedevivre.

# “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death” so the ‘INTELLECTUAL BLOGGER AWARD’ goes to the bloggers who justify it to the core and they are NITHIN & AVANISH.

# Being funky is something like what we say as “at the end of the money, we will always have some month left” so the next category award is for the ‘PHUNKY BLOGGERS’ for their Funky blogs, and the names are DIVKIRAN,HP & TRINNA.

# Being funny is no one’s 1st choice but there are people who are unknowingly chirpy and full of humor & as a matter of fact they don’t realize that their Pj’s can be a real ‘rolling on the floor laughing’ kind of moment for others, so the award for the ‘PHUNNY BLOGGER’ goes to SWETA,TRINNA & MADS.

# Genuine thoughts can communicate before it is actually understood, so we have the best and the most happening blog award for today it has so many stupendous and awesome bloggers in it. So the award for the ‘AWESOME BLOGGER’ goes to HARSHITA, NIDHI, BHAWANA, MAYURI, RAKESH and SARATH.



  1. Thanks for my first award, that too,two of them :O :D

    Award for the best maska maarofying blogger goes to u :D :P

    Great job and all those awards really suit the winners... :-)

    and i'm not being sarcastic in this :D :P

    *remembers to maska maarofy for her third award...*

  2. well thank you very much for this beautiful award.. im speechless right now...nervous and excited... and it is a great honour to recieve it from a talented blogger himself..thank you peter im touched,i ll keep my winning speech short and sweet... the due credit of success goes to my morning tea and hyper active brain... you know what they say... an idle brain is the devils workshop... ops now you know my secret... shush!! dont tell anyone :P

  3. Thanks for the award...

    OMG I cannot hold back my emotions...tsk tsk...I dedicate my award to all the assholes who bugged me, the brilliant men and women who inspired me, the auntijis and unclejis who pester me to the heights about my marriage that I end up blogging...he he he... My last dedication goes to the guy up there...who gives me enuff reasons to blabber about... :)

    Thaankoo Thankooo... :)

  4. thanks fr the award dudey...
    BTW best speech award for who???

  5. Oh Sir Ji
    Thnak you Hai ji


    ANd trinaaaa i share one award with you so YAYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Achha peter - how much money are we gettin????

  6. Thnkuzzzzz so mchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Aaj mere is award ke peeche bahut logo ka haath hai :P
    dere r ppl like Himesh who inspire me to write blogss :D
    So I would like to dedicate dis Award to Mr. Himesh Reshammiya :)
    (ye award isliye d erahe hoon kyunki usko koi award nahi deta...Poor guy) :(

  7. nd haan Mr. Ashwin(babaji) award mein ki de rahe ho? chocolate,tofee,party...ya kuch aur
    do tell me I'm waiting...nd haan me weeping itna bada awarddddddddddddddddddd

  8. omg!! sob sob!! :'(
    thanku soooooo much peter...i'd also like to thank my parents, my non existent doggie, my friends, GAWD and a few more...i'll scrap u d entire list later! :P

    okie..sowwy! on a serious note my dear blogger buddy..thanku SO much..u called me phunny n phunky so wht more cud i ask for :)
    (although i did think that that intellectual one was sooo comin to me...but thik hai..koi nai..nxt tym :P)

  9. ps: mere baad bolo bachche... T-R-I-N-A-A.. do A single N..!! chalo chalo jaldi yaad karo!

  10. Peter,

    when i read about the award in my comment section i thought you were kind to give me that award...

    but now after coming over here i feel you exaggerated me..!! thanks for the words.. am totally flattered..and i seriously wish can write better with all your supports..!!

    Cheers Dude..!!


  11. oh! no award fr me!!!??? peter, i am so gonna get u fr this!.....gonna leave sum spiders on ur blog...hihahaha:D:P:P:P
    hehe kiddin;)

  12. @ MADS

    yeah two awards coz u r fit for both f them equally well :)
    and thnks for that award of mine giv to me sometime :)

  13. @ Phoenix
    that was a nice speech there and now i got ur secret

    *muhahahahahah* :D

  14. @ harshita

    pleasures are all mine :P
    nice speech I am going to have a really tough time in giving the award for the best speech ....!!

  15. @ nidhi

    u are out of the race :X
    u ver supposed to giv one speech but u din :(

  16. @ mini mini mouse

    welcum hai jii ;)

    and no money jus the pic :P

  17. @ bhaggu

    himesh uncle ??
    ab kar ZZZZZZZZZ jaisi movie banayaga toh kaun dega ussey award shward ??

  18. @ trinaa (hope i am right this time )

    no u are more funny and funky than being intellectual :P

    remember we both suck in comp related things :P?

  19. @ vinu

    ahh i din exaggerate that ..i wrote wat i felt ..!!
    u deserve this one ...!!
    cheers !

  20. @ Pj

    ahh sorry no award for u jus becoz for the fact that i havnt read much of ur posts i have done in the case of the other bloggers ...!!
    vil give u pakka se agli baar ..and plsss i beg u ..dun threaten me wid the only creepy thing i hate in the world :(

  21. @ anwesa !
    yeah ..they deserve it :)

  22. heylooooooo!! m very intellectual when in coversation with 5 year olds n below!! jaante kya ho tum abhi?? :P

  23. @ trinaa

    oh i see !
    okay next time i vil give u bacchaa party intellectual award :D

  24. congrats to the award winner

    wish you have a every day nice and full of fun

  25. I was so overwhelmed with my twin awards that i cudnt give my thank u speech that day.... :-(

    *choked with emotion* I would like to thank my parents for passing on their good(??) brains to me and enabling me to write (supposedly) so well and cracking pj's and entertaining peter all the while...I would like to thank God, even though i'm an agnostic for giving me bones which are funny(funny bone!! :D) and a tongue which is sarcastic....

    *blows her nose on peter's t-shirt* I would thank Bill gates for making internet (he's the guy who made internet right? Or whoever made internet, I thank him/her :| yes, im bad at all this comp related stuff)

    I would like to thank the wonderful (?) people out there (and here :( ) who's awesome (?) deeds inspire me into blasting them in my blog

    Lastly, i'd like to thank Peter for the twins...i mean twin awards :D :P

    *washes ur t-shirt so that she can get the best thank u speech award*

  26. tune toh seriously leh liya yaar.....i was just kidding!:D:P

  27. Congrats!!!Congrats!!!Congrats!!!

  28. @ shrey
    and u are forgetting somethng ....guess wat ?
    thanking me for awarding these bloggers :D

  29. @ neha

    speech kahan hai tera ??/
    ek line ki speech :O

  30. @ mads

    u better return me that t-shirt wel washed or else u are nowhere close to this next award :P
    and btw becoz of this speech u are back in the race :D

  31. @ pj
    but i wsn't :D
    i mean it :P

  32. thanks a lot peter!!
    i'll put it soon! :D :D

  33. Hey Peter,

    The award is up on my blog.
    Thanks for it once again.

    Express your crush...tell your story at :


  34. @ harshita

    u r alwys welcm ...and i am replying there :D

  35. of all my days in blogging, I have received many awards but once you are awarded by Peter, its a different feeling.
    He is very special to me, for obvious reasons,
    A unique one being, that he was one of the first persons to comment on my post, and actually asked who the post was about, which just goes to show that he reads other people sincerely!!
    I have laughed Out laud many a times while reading what he has to share for instance those bollywood dialogues, the eggjactly jokes and the samajhdaar irfaan khaan.
    And then if this guys sense of humour wasn't unique enough, he bestows us reader with his cutie pie pics that actually Don't Lie.

    actually peter was one of the first blogs I read on blogville and wondered what the guy would be like , at that time his template was very dark and incomprehensible..and then gradually he changed into the denim template and now such a nice music player he has. Mwah
    Also he is special for his love for chetan bhagat and salman khan, just goes to show how simple a person he is at heart
    and yes his very sincere yet funny posts on his personal opinions on health and how he doesn't need any fag or booze to make him look cool, simply floored the intelligent girl in me :)
    I am awarded a 200% awesome blogger.
    Well awards can come and go,,, but the real award is a friend Ashwin.
    or should I say katwin ;P

    God bless you bebo,
    may you be strong and sensitive
    may your dreams follow you
    and make your life more beautiful every day.
    Victory to the greatness within :)

  36. I am so overwhelmed, I dont have words... Thank you dude, really thank you

  37. bhawana deserved the award :D
    her speech is awesome...

    10000% true :-)

  38. @ bhawana

    thnkuz thankuz thankuz

    awesome speech more words :D

  39. @ sarath
    alwys welcm

    @ mads

    wah so honest of u ;)