Wednesday, September 10, 2008


“Hey it is getting cloudy I should reach for the classes before It rains ..hurry up !!” I screamed on the shopkeeper ...”yes jus a second sir we are finding it out, have patience” he replied ….”Hey that’s the only thing I lack, otherwise I am perfect”.. I thought!

So he took out the brand new Barron’s from the shelves and handed over to me along with the bill in a polybag , I put it inside my bag and rushed towards the coaching institute ..It started drizzling as soon as I came out, I increased my pace ..fumbled twice ..on the way ..but didn’t heed coz I had to reach the center asap …but before I cud reach there it started raining cats and dogs..I went inside a bus stop shade myself and to make sure that My brand new book doesn’t fade out ..looked at my watch …I had 45 mins need to worry I thought, sat down ..took out my mobile and started playing snake ..a gud time pass u see !!

People were accumulating from three directions east,west,north ….and not from south coz the bus stand was in south so they couldn’t appear from the wall provided …It was a P.C Sarkar’s magic show…and in a minute the bus stand had at least 50 people from all age groups…screaming and irritating me in Telgu …(I hate when I dun understand a language),I wondered If they were abusing me in their language ..and suddenly It made me think that India has much more population on the roads than in the population data !

Damn the shopkeeper, damn those 5 mins and damn this rain (wait,wait, wait, do I sound like 'Farhan Akhtar' in 'Rock on'??)...…the sparkles of droplets were rinsing me and I hated the itch only 5 mins were left for the class to begin and a 5 min journey too ..It was almost 45 mins and the Rain god was looking merciless I decided to walk in the rain ..and reach my destination ..

I was never able to understand the UPSTREAM and DOWNSTREAM problems in my high school Mathematics book better than this ..

Man !! it was a deadly experience ..I had made a wrong decision..the water was having such a high current that it almost bruised my toes and the nearby areas …I got all wet, the moment I started walking … I walked for the sake of walking but suddenly I thought what the hell am I going to do If they don’t switch off the air conditioner …I will get pneumonia I should go back …there is no point in showing over sincerity…!

Auto, auto ..I screamed ..yes ..!!

Will u go to XYZ place ?..NO came the answer .and may I knw the reason was another question …yes coz it’s a jungle & nobody goes there … wtf ..jus mind your work !

Then came another one ..he said 120 bucks ..choice is yours ‘in’ or ‘out’?..I felt like saying u take 240 jus the double, but I shouldn’t get pneumonia ‘yes’ or ‘no’??

So there I was, shivering like hell cursing everyone ..and I mean everyone driver was trying to be a little friendly giving lecture on ..traffic menace and water lodging problem …suddenly a biker came parallel to the auto and the water splashed in to my face and in my mouth ( a few drops ) it tested a little salty and eeeesksssss ..I yelled on him and probably he heard the FOUR LETTER word the very next moment he apologized by holding his ears …leaving the clutch….by one hand and saying sorry ….good I thought & I felt like giving him an award !!

Autowala drove in to a one way..I mean the wrong side of the road coz there was a huge traffic jam on the other side of the divider…and he got stuck between with cars and trucks from both the opposite directions....and then I saw the actual jam getting cleared …and I was like “who the freaking hell told u to show your stunts in this busy and one way road??” ..he was also pissed up like me so he jus stared at me …and then after almost half an hour got out f it !!

I reached my home alive, but the after effect still prevails *SNEEZEEEEEE*


  1. Ha! Kudos to the guy who said sorry!
    Our posts, similarity ..huh.."reached home safe"
    That's a beauty.
    If it doesnot end in good, it ain't the end! cool. Rains Rule

  2. Have had many such experiences during the rains. Though they feel irritating at that time, but u remember them later in ur life with a smile on your face.

  3. Playing snake is gud time-pass when one is tuck in boring situations...

    Oh! I knw pneumonia is too bad...

    Reminds me that in hyd we had a joke, if u carry an umbrella it nvr case u forgot urs at will rain for sure... ;)

    Gud that the biker bothered to say sorry, else in delhi we cannot expect anyone to do, he wud have hurled abuses back to you. :)

    Ahum! take care... :)

  4. aaaahhhhhhhhhh except for not having patience u r perfaect??? accha bacchu apni badhai khud??

    nice post...and as i always say 'i dont like rain..its wet!"

  5. Sum1 said SORRY to u
    WOW... with all the road rage n stuff... i thnk u been lucky man

    and i have faced the undpredicatble rains in PUNE... GAWD i hated it, nthin used to be dry EVER...uff uff uff

  6. lol rains are so much fun, i love 'em!
    why don't u learn the language?

    120 bucks for an auto? where do u live :O :D

  7. at least dat guy bothered to tell u sorry. in gujju land they wont bother. aargh!

    why didnt u bargain with the autowala? :O :O

    do u intend to keep missing ur coaching classes like this and use the f word on the rain Gods, autowala etc. etc. ? :P :P (remembers ur sick, so she shudn't be so mean)
    vicks ki goli lo, khich khich durr karo :)
    get well soon :-)

  8. oh peter..i love rains..
    anytime I would have loved to get drenched


    became days during monsoon season..

  9. I too find south language very abusing. Like kannadda when I was in B'lore, Telgu, Tamil. Bangali though sound polite and so is Assami, Nepali sounds more like a singing song as its full of tones up and down, fast and slow.. some dragging word like laaaaaa if you have to say shit!!

    UPSTREAM and DOWNSTREAM problems ??? I hate them too.. I used to wrk out these problems while preparing for CAT it used to drive me crazy.

    Thank god the auto wala didn’t betray you in the middle of your journey. Imagine if he did!!

  10. ohhh yeah..the rains...hate 'em completely.....and did u realy get a taste of the muddy street

  11. how i hate rains!
    nice post thr!

  12. LOL. Interesting blog. And yes the rains are a bitch. Although I keep hoping it gets us a holiday.

  13. @ Bhawana
    yeah I felt like giving the person an award sort f ..btw yeah do agree wid u happpiesss endingssss thoughts LOL :P

  14. @ srath
    yeah buddy sure it does !

  15. @ harshita

    yea I knw's bvery unpredictable here ..and i am fyn btw ..din get pneumonia ....yipeeeeeeeeee !!

  16. @ trinaa

    haanji :P
    i dun hate rains alwys ..nut it sucks at times !

    @ divikiran

    yeah I knw it was a nice gesture ..but still he had to do it ...!

  17. @ lukydivz

    hey I can learn french faster than ..telgu ...even I f i learn it I wont be able to pronounce he wrds ...gawd its tough I must say !

    and I live in suchitra aka jungle accoding to some autwalas !

  18. @ mads

    yeah I knw but still it was unxpected here also !

    @ vinu

    yeah man same feelings here !

  19. @ nidhi

    yeah I knw sounds horrible when u can't read and speak a language nepali script wise has lesser problems least u can read and try to understand it ..I have there in nepal and I can understnd it a bit !

    autwale ki aisi ki taisi ...if he had betrayed :P

  20. @ mayuri

    yeah a lil if it dun think I drank a bottle :P

  21. @ gunj

    yeah I noe :P

    @ kamalnath
    thnks man


    thnks dude !

  22. lol! this is one experience haan!:P

    hey i like you in ur are cute :)and pics are pretty nice

  23. hey seems ma grey cells r dozin off...coz it's rainin here don't blame me wen i doubt whether dis is ma first comment in dis blog..yupp...niway dis is de first time im 'actually' chekin in...!!!

    real cool dude (no no not de blog) slang 'vomitin' stuff'z gud..!!!
    de luk too...

    so happy sneezin!!! don't sneeze yer brain out niway ;)

    dat's it 4 de time bein..seems im on anti-emitics...!!! will b bak 2 flood yer blog wid vomitus !!!

    rock on!!!!

  24. @ phoneix

    thnks ...I am getting popular ...not muscular though he he :P

  25. @ k.o.c.h.u

    nopzz u have commented earlier also ..but its jus that .I have changed my template and pics that u are not able to recognize ..we had a long derivation and chat over neha's blog too E=MC^2.... remember ???

  26. hey,i had a similar xperience in kolkatta,i'll rite abt it soon,how soon,i dunno..

  27. Oh yeah buddy! He can i forget that! Oops...he he...i knew yer name but couldn't remember de blog...yeah v met first through neha's commentin page...actually i was searchin 4 ye...teach me how protons can be accelerated 2 de speed of light...lost touch wid physics!just mail k!other readers may start callin me names 4 makin u spit out physics :-) hmmm im really outta touch now it's just human body n it's physics!

  28. Gosh i'm red.time 2 upgrade ma 'memory' grrr! :-)

  29. @anwesa

    he he eagerly wauting for that :P

  30. @ k.o.c.h.u

    he he ..hey btw i am also pretty bad in physics ..its jus the elemntry physics thT I REMEMBER...!!

    i will be a regular visitor to ur blog from nowonwards !!

  31. @ k.o.c.h.u

    he he ..hey btw i am also pretty bad in physics ..its jus the elemntry physics thT I REMEMBER...!!

    i will be a regular visitor to ur blog from nowonwards !!

  32. Awww
    Bad day huh? Rains make it worse ya. I hate rains I hate rains. These things happen with me too just that Pneumonia doesn't affect me now.
    Get well soon for the next Rains :P

    Me Blog-Rolling you! :D

  33. Haha you dont sound like you had a great day, but I absolutely love the rain.. Somehow, they make my bad days a little better :)

  34. @trooper yeah dude ...and btw i did the same :D

  35. i love rains man...its wat made me sleep in the bed from past 3 days lol....

    u spent 120 for a auto do u go to jungle or wat..;) one ..


  36. @ hemant
    ohh yea I do leave on a highway ..its not less than a jungle u knw :P

  37. i hate the rains...
    the only time i like them is when i am sitting at home and not getting drenched outside stuck on the waterlogged roads and in the traffic....besides rains are so gloomy..

  38. ohh poor u
    sad..clas bhi gai...u got drenched also...n dat auto wala


  39. @pj

    tho i dun hate it but tht one day really sucked :(

  40. @neha

    haan yaar bahut bura hua :P

  41. farhan part was gud..par much..much..much better ho sakta tha..n by d way Compromises kaun nahi karta.. :(

  42. lol....bad day huh? I got caught in the rain like that once! btw did you reach ur classes in the end? or did you skip it n go home?

  43. @ mith
    i had to skip ..that :(

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  45. @ anwin

    thnks for the info man !
    but i dun think i wud b able to make it ...if there is any meeting like dat in hyd do lemme knw :P