Monday, September 29, 2008


How many times in your life it has happened that a far more famous person than you ever can be, has replied you back or has called you ??

It happened twice with me and no this is not it!!  The point is that it happened within a week, yes in last week, Two supertalented people from two different backgrounds interacted with me and the experience has not been less than an accolade.One is the author of the India’s bestselling novels in recent years,So u must have easily guessed who? And for the other person, you know him if either you have been sincere in reading my blogs or you belong to Hyderabad and have intrests in RJs.

So Chetan Bhagat replied back (yes he did,I ain’t boasting) like half a month after I had mailed him.I have read his books, I have liked all of them but have been pretty much disappointed with 3 mistakes of my life coz it had a Rang de basanti sort of ending anyways the point is that I read his blog,and sent him a mail expecting that he would never read it (coz it wasn’t a sucide note from a fucked up guy ).It was a mere appreciation of his work which he must have got like so many times since he started writing from his infinite fans.I couldn’t belive the moment I saw that mail in my inbox, first I thought It  must have been an automated mail,which is sent to all those who mail him,but hey that was a nice reply, wat if someone criticizes him, will he send the same mail??plus It was written in SMS lingo, plus It came after like half a month, it would have been a very quick response otherwise.

So I have like plethora of reasons to belive that it was not an automated mail, and he took his own time to reply back.

WOW it feels so great to think that “He read what I wrote  unlike the other times when he writes and I read.”                                                                                               

Just after two days of this great achivement in my life which is better than the achivements i have in my resume,there came another achivement.Though the other person is not as popular as the first one but equally talented in his field,interacted with me and this one was better than the first one,No I ain’t comparing their talents,I am just saying that the other Called me on my mobile (surprised! eh?)

Rj Sameer a.k.a SAM called me after reading my first post about him in my blog,He wanted to talk to me and I wanted it more than he did(wanna bet ?).So he was online(yeah he is in my Orkut’s frnd list)we had a lil chat and he took my fone number and a few seconds after that I saw an unknown number flashing on my cel, I was reluctant in picking it up,as was chatting with him but was also of course unaware that he was at the other end.

He talked with an accent that didn’t sound familiar (coz i hv been hearing him in hindi and he spoke in ENG)but the voice did.he got my name wrong he said ‘Abhinav’ but hey no problem I can be Abhinav for you instead of ‘Ashwin’ I thought.So he had read my blog and was moved ( I ain’t boasting again, he told me).He told me the reasons why he is not RJ’ng anymore, and that sounded pretty genuine.He appreaciated my other posts which he has read, told me about his present line of work and we have kinda signed the online trity for not revealing it to the world.

I promised him that I will write about this experience and he should read it again (cheap marketing for my blog isn’t it ??).But the best part is that I have his phone number. YAY !!!

P.S: I know if not Chetan then At least Sameer is gonna read this so Made it simple and have written the truth without adding much spice to it :P



  1. ahemahem Lucky Boy....hehhehehehe

  2. arre wah !

    now try reading Amitabh Bacchan's blog. I'm sure he'll reply too. He had all the time in the world. replied to my brother also ;)

  3. :-) :-) :-) this happens with very few people....
    i still cant believe u wrote to Chetan Bhagat in ur cheapo sms lingo...
    maybe after some years, we will see chetan bhagat writing in his blog..
    "u know what...ashwin...yeah..the ashwin..commented on my blog!! can u believe it? im so happy. im so high. blah blah..."
    :-P :-P :-P :-P

  4. you said it right.. naam main kya rakha hai!

    Thats great that you interacted with people you cherish..!

  5. :)

    wonderful experience..i have heard many such instances where famous people do interact with public..

    one of my friend shot a mail to his supremo Mr. Narayan Murthi...
    And in a weeks time he replied to that..can you believe that..?


  6. Ooh! party time.. Congrats :)
    'N keep sending mails to other people, try sharapova, she may reply too, 'coz your time seems perfect :)

    'N thanks for dropping my by blog :)


  7. lovely experience :)
    yaaayyy u have his number.. hehe could i borrow it .. lol

  8. wow....interesting......

    nice blog.....

    nice song....


  9. waah re
    mazze hai yaar
    must b gud experience..

  10. @ sweta

    haan tuney lagta hai bachna aye hasseno bahut baar dekh li hai :P

    lucky boy he he he :P

  11. @ HP
    yea sure I have read his blog but I din mail him personally ...his blogs are preaching types :(

  12. @ mads
    haan woh din dur nahi hai :P

  13. @ nidhi

    @ the trooper

    yeah i knw :P

  14. @ abhinav
    yeah sunil pal se sikha tha :P

  15. @ vinu
    yeah lucky chap he is like me LOL :D

  16. @ harshita
    YAY :)

    @ aneesh

    yeah ..i vil lemme search for her blog ..:P

  17. @ mr.69


    he he but u dunt knw him do u ?

  18. @ aqua girl

    btw i knw :P

  19. @ neha

    haanji waise wats wrong wid ur DP i mean previous one was better this one scares me :(

  20. @ rushabh


    @ hemanth

    yeah man :P

  21. hehe unfortunately no..
    atleast not yet ;)

  22. @ ani

    hmm thts Y even if i giv u won't do any gud to u and to him either i guess :P

  23. ha ha ha well dont know about that now lol

  24. Congrats Dude ! seriously , C. Bhagat wrote to you ?? that's ,like wow :) , hey could you post that letter on your blog ( i know am asking for too much )
    just realised that peter is your pseudonym !
    & your blog is really famous yaar , Rj's & all read it .
    bhagwaan ke ashirvaad se you'll get more such calls . how 'bout call from God ( ok now im behaving like some star struck fan )
    all the best

  25. @ i'll try 2 be truthful

    hey thnks i dun think I shud the post but hey if u gimme ur id i can mail it to ..i hv alrdy been mailing this letter to so many ppl.

    and well peter is not my pseudoname it's jus my nick name :P

  26. Congrats dude..

    nice experience

  27. nice blog re! to d point n simple!

  28. @ sarath !

    yeah man thnks

    @ lavanya

    oo yeah i knw :)

  29. hey lovely congtattz wow cool
    Aur kya bolu

  30. @ priya

    thts it kuch mat bolo it's kool i knw :P

  31. ohh
    u r scared!!
    do i luk so bad...

  32. in this pic yes !!
    previous pic was much better :P
    dun mind :P

  33. niiice... it doesnt happen everyday.. have fun boy :).. thx 4 dropping by my blog

  34. AAi Sala PETER
    Tu to ishtaar ho gaya re...LOL

    i also got one such reply from a columnist... but i had written him a hate mail cuz he had written bout sumthin i was very passionate bout... i felt the same amazement...LOL

    Enjoy ur lime lite man

  35. @ mini mini mouse

    he he yeah's a great feeling when these ppl react :)

  36. Ah, I love your sense of humour.. haahha
    "which is better than the achivements i have in my resume" heheh LOL

  37. @ hp

    ohh no !
    i am very bad in responding to those and lazy too :(

  38. @ bhawana

    ohh that makes two of us ...(well 1st one is me )

  39. lucky you.... I think u were more happy to recieve a comment from the rj ?? nice of them to respond...and the rj really went out of his way to call you !! great of luck !

  40. hey buddy u seem to be on one heck of a good time...hope it stays with you for long time :-)

  41. cool...i liked all his books..espeically 3mistakes of my life

  42. @ the army guy

    yeah coz it was in detail and coz i had a chat ..

  43. @ rakesh
    thnks mate last week was really special !

  44. u cud have pasted chetan's mail here :P

    i like sam ;)

  45. ahem..ahem..someone got really lucky!!

  46. @luckydivz

    yeah I cud have :P

  47. mayuri

    ohh no ..i din respond to even ur 1st one !