Monday, September 22, 2008


I hate the colors from dull grays, browns and blacks to bright reds, yellows and greens. Of an eight legged creatures called spiders. They freak me out!!

I remember since when I was three or four years old & I had learned to get scared and cry, I have had the extreme shuddery experiences of spiders. Out of all the phobias in the world I am aware of, I accept I suffer from this. When I see them crawling on the walls, when I see them spinning their web, I get a crippy feeling deep down my veins. I say I will demolish the whole species, provided someone assures me that they are of no importance to Biologists (but alas! They are).

Though Spider Man is like a god of spiders and shares the same name as I do (peter) but that doesn’t mean I am equally friendly with the scary spiders as he is. If I would have been him, I would have betrayed the whole Arachnida  class rather than cheating the spider species alone & that's my height's of hatred for spiders.

 Winters and Rainy seasons are like their carnivals. They hang on the chilled and damp toilet walls giving me a hard time. I have got so many wounds coz of their vulnerable acids, which they probably pee on being teased.



Of all the creatures, the most ghastly I say,

Are spiders on the walls, hunting their prey.

They itch my feelings, they smell, they are creepy,

I shiver and I shudder, can’t sleep even when I am sleepy.

My hands are wounded and so my legs are,

I crumble, I fumble, I have left my door ajar.


Macabre the legs are, gruesome the body is,

Slobber they all time & sometimes they whizz.

I see one staring at me, I need a weapon to kill him,

I can reach to my sandals, I want to break his limb.

It was hanging from the wall & I shot,

With my sandal, while spinning the wrought.

p.s: I wrote this poem when I shot a spider hanging on my wall today morning,and that's when I decided to write on it, though the poem took less than 10 minutes but my whole experince has been for more than 15 yrs by now.


  1. uhuh!

    I have this phobia of lizards,they call it Herpetophobia...The moment I see one I feel weak in my legs and almost nauseated...

    I am so damn scared of them...but I can never ignore them...A lizard has fallen on my head almost 3-4 times...and this increased my fear of the same more and more..

    I can understand how it feels to even luk at those creepy crawly creatures...

    Yuck! Yuck!

  2. hhehehehehhehe spidermannnn(Peter) even I'm scared of spiders or u can say of any creepy disgusting creatures...Nice way 2 describe ur Phobia
    Gud Luck Big Boss hehehehehhe I mean Bhagguhey

  3. spiders.. sick sick.. i hate all these kinda creatures but m not so afraid when it comes to rats.. dont knw y,. once whn i was a kid i gave a rat to eat something and it bit my finger and ran away. lol!!

  4. hehe yes spiders are creepy....i like to see them on on TV..not in reality

  5. totally agree with #3 .. he he...
    btw thanks for dropping by. thats the painting i made, not the original pic. original pic is in the hyper link.

  6. hahaha. :P funny phobia..never knew whats so digusting abt spiders.... :D

    im scared of dogs, so i kinda got what u meant :-| :-|

    may biologists claim spiders and dogs are not needed in this world anymore.... :-)

  7. peter,u sound like Ron from harry potter!:P
    i hate creepy crawly creatures myself...they r so...well, creepy!...
    especially lizards..they scare the hell out of me!But i dont fear spiders much, except the ones that are really really big.They are scary!

  8. yuck yuck yuck.....i cant stnd lizards....ur poem vud go well for me..if da wrd arachnida was replaced by lizard..anywaz bst description of a fobia dude...

  9. @ harshita

    I knw so many ppl are afraid of lizards ...tho i am not found of them but i dun hate them as much as i do spiders !

  10. @sweta

    i noe ...gals freak out in the name of lizards !

  11. good poem that too in 10 minutes!!!


    Awarded you..

    Visit my blog

  12. @ sneha

    oo i see and ur welcum alwys !

  13. @ mads !

    i have seen ppl getting along well with dogs but u are an exception u get along well wid da spiders ??

  14. @ pj

    well i have hardly watched harry potter ..but yeah can get wat u r trying to say !!
    and i wonder how u ppl are not afraid by spiders !

  15. uuuuuuuuuuuuugh..i have this one too i guess!!

  16. So what did you shoot the spider with?

    I used to share your phobia. I just don't like them inside now though. And I think tarantulas are way cool.

    It's nice to meet you Peter.

  17. Oh duh... you shot it with your sandal. :)

  18. @ trinna

    u guess ??
    u shud be sure of wat u hate and are scared of isn't it ??

  19. @ zirelda

    no way how can u say tarantulas are cool ..they are yuck ...!!

    it's nice to meet u too :P

  20. Lol how'd you come up with that poem? I think spiders are pretty cool :P

  21. @ trooper
    u fynd spiders kool ??
    dude tell me are u spiderman in trooper's disguise ?

  22. My real life story :
    Once a dog was chasing me and I was running and running but then I realized that why I am running because I am afraid.
    I stopped.
    And now I charged the dog and the scene was just reverse. The dog started running and I was chasing.
    Finally the dog get inside a car-garage and I closed the shutter from outside.
    Whenever you are afriad, chase it.

  23. Spiders wat! very bad

    hi hi ..hey then wat about cockroaches?

  24. @ hobo !

    i can't chase a spider,
    I wud rather prefer killing it :D

  25. @ priya

    u love spiders or wat ?
    and wat bou cockroaches ?
    i am kinda frndly wid dem !

  26. One thing. You are creative and in a very different, casual way. Another thing, you know it!

    "I remember since when I was three or four years old & I had learned to get scared and cry"
    And you say I philosophize
    This one line of yours has all the philosophy of the world "learned"
    *and men and women mere actors
    Shakespeare anyone ? :)

    It took you ten minutes to come up with the poem, well dude then it sure came write from your heart!

    Spiders are truly creepy, yucccckkkk

    Get rid of them!

  27. @ Bhawana

    well I din write thinking the way thought and did :P

    philosophy yea u can say is in my genes coz my mom is a philosopher .so it's in mah genes :P

    and yea i wrote in the spur of the moment ...and spiders are indeed crappy and yuckkk !

  28. Hi Peter...

    I hate liards and caterpillars the most tahn spiders....i wish they all go extinct some day

  29. hey u remind me of ron from harry potter series . see so even if u are not like peter parker you can claim to be somewhat like ronald.

  30. @ i'll try to be !

    hey everyone is saying that I sound like Ron wat is he afraid of spiders ??
    i mean sorry but i dun like harry potter much except for Emma watson :P

  31. Ohh.. spiders...!!!!!
    I also dislike them but can't kill..!
    I am too much kind hearted..!

    I just look at the other side and bang!!

  32. nice blog brother......keep blogging

  33. have u seen the movie arachnophopia???
    its scarry as hell

    i cudnt sleep for a whole week aftr tht...urrrghhh - creeeepyyyy

  34. @ divkiran

    no i haven't dun wanna see it either :P
    they are indeed shitty :)

  35. i hate spiders too...just the site of them have me screaming and crying..u cant even see them properly, they've so many legs n eyes...eeEEee..spiders r creepy :/

    i loved the poem!!..cya =)

  36. oops..its sight..not site :/
    well, now u've 1 more comment =D

  37. @ sidrah

    he he he i knw !
    thnks for droping here :P

  38. Oh ARACHNOPHOBIA!! Oh may thats y i don't like spiderman at all.anyways nice poem there!!
    cheers !!

  39. @ HASHAN

    tho i dun hate spiderman but i hate his companions [:(]

  40. Reminds me of only one person...


    Ronald Weasley... ya ya ya fiction but I can't forget the faces Rupert Grint has made in the movie :D