Friday, September 5, 2008

INSOMNIA---My dreams @ bay !!

Back this summer I slept at 12 in the night and got up around 2:00.

I heard Guyz creating hullabaloo, which is a usual scenario in any damn boys hostel, some fighting over their clan’s defeat in counter strike, whereas some comparing the latest movies they saw while others playing the music in the maximum decibel limit possible, to some singing songs in top of their voices in the corridor which makes it even more powerful and adds echoing effect….

I got up cursing the jerks, went out of my room screamed on everyone, while yawning in between, to lower down their volumes, they didn’t say a word and started talking as softly as they could but they must have given all the slangs they knew in their crap shitty mind, I bet…!!

Back to my bed, I tried sleeping, It din work though I was extremely nappy and tired, I changed my mode of sleep it din work again drank a bottle full of water,went to the toilet, same result again…..hell!! wtf is happening I thought ..It was 4:30 by now, still same scenario, I had to attend the 1st lecture tomorrow otherwise teacher would screw me in the next exam for sure, I thought.

So I got up & found my rommie snoring like what he usually does but most of the times I don’t hear coz I sleep before him…so I started to wander around and singing songs loudly, and yea I had stopped others to do the same a few hrs back but that was okay with them I guess….went to the common hall started watching TV (a very rare seen)..

Now it became a habit for me to sleep only 3-4 hours in day and then remain awake whole night like a nocturnal bird….I tried so many times to change my habit but it continued for more than a month…I suffered from severe case of INSOMNIA..but the best part was that I din bunk my morning lectures coz of it and the worst part was that I bunked other important afternoon lectures:(


I wrote a poem based on my experiences from that time, and here it is ..though it’s not that good as compared to my earlier ones but at least it’s exactly what I felt..and I did :

INSOMNIA-my dreams @ bay

A sudden ping,

& I get up from my dream,

Ain’t a worthy fling,

and my soul makes a loud scream.

I want peace,

I want a dreamless slumber,

I wish this to cease,

loosing count & still I wonder.

How the hell did it begin,

Extreme case of lassitude?

Where the hell I have been,

dream or case of solitude??

I stare the ceiling,

I change my mode of sleep,

I try concealing,

my bulging eyes are open b4 alarm’s beep!!

I try sleeping pills,

but no escaping this way,

I wish it heals,

“INSOMNIA - my dreams at bay!!!”


  1. CS- s they call it was not sumthn i liked a lot too....for almost the reasons

    And my bio clock is irreparably altyrd by my collg days

    SIGH!!! all do all day is yawn now!!!

    Nice poem peter... hopw u gettin good sleep ths days :)

  2. Your poem is neat.
    And well your experiences in college seem fun(like if it were a movie)
    Keep sharing

  3. exactly my sentiments written in the post and the poem.... :D :D :D really nice....

  4. same here :)
    i read a book before sleeping :)

  5. I guess one needs to right click and deselect 'check spelling' to get rid of it. Otherwise its there by default only .

  6. Bad boy, Important class should nt b missed.. its ok to mis mrning class if its not imp. Wont u have shortage prob.. man i was in coll i used to bunk morning class for more sleep and and up with shortage!! :(

  7. i cn competely understand hw u feel...evn im goin thro kinda the same thing...cant sleep at night,keep wakin up evry hr..and wake up well b4 the alarm rings....sigh..!! wat a life man!
    btw..nice poem ;)

  8. @peter

    these days i cant sleep before two, wt may it come..!!

    nice poem..written clean..!!

  9. btw..uv been tagged..check it out..

  10. hav been sufferin from insomnia myself, thanks to internet addiction.I Stay up late at nyts and then turn up late for the morning lectures or not attend them at all...
    .....sleep through most of the lectures if at all i attend and then stay up all nyt.
    Seriously once ur biological clk gets reversed its difficult to fix it...

    nice poem:)

  11. @divkiran

    hey I dun hate CS I but I hate the tension it gives tho I dun get much ..but I have seen maniacs!!

    & yeah it's damn difficult to be in a collg and follow a gud routine ...!!

  12. @Bhawana

    thnks a lot ...and yeah it is fun at times ..and screwed up ..too !!

    and i guess u ver talking bout word identification in ur second comment it??

    for that u need to change ur comment setting ..go to ur dashboard and do it !

  13. @ mads !

    yeah I knw's alike a common thng in every collg goer :P!

    @i'll try to be

    LOL i to do it sometimes ..:P

  14. @ nidhi

    I knw but I was helpless ...shortage hua hai bahut baar thts y I was alwys afraid ..for missing it :P

  15. @mayuri ..

    yeah I can understand ...btw I knw a few ppl in ur collg (3rd yr) those whu used to come wid bulging eyes in the coaching institute. where I used to study before getting in to collg !!!

    and ufffffff these tags :(:( !

  16. @vinz

    thnks mate ....!

    @ rakesh

    yeah thnks buddy !

  17. @Pj

    yeah cyber games and online syndrome are two f da main addictions evrywhere :P

  18. weel seriously..i havent read even a single wrd frm dis post..
    i just drooped to say abt ur pics really fundu...

    yeah wil read d post soon

  19. That pom called "friends" hehe now even more mysterious fun to read..

  20. Hi!
    My bio clock's been a bit messed up too, for the past year and a half. Start studying by 11, then sleep at like 3 or 4 :D
    Now, I'm 100% sure man was born to be a nocturnal creature!

  21. @bhawana

    yeah too much experimentation sux :P

    and color matching ...has alwys been a prblm for the template and posts ...compatibility of widgets and gadgets ...wid evry template changes again lyk i said too much experimentation sux :(

  22. @ the trooper

    yeah collgs are the best place to spoil ur habit and do thngs which are nt meant for doing !

  23. yuck ..for ur hostelmates ...
    wow for ur blog
    dekha criticize bhi kiya appreciate bhi
    blogrolling u

  24. @ think thank

    wah wah kya baat hai ..from where did u learn this art ?

  25. Visited here for the frst time..N m sure wud keep visiting now..
    Well..Haven't experienced ths whole Hostel thng..
    But yeah Insomnia is smthng wich buGs me too..But i just hope it doesn't bother me for too long..
    Emotions captured in a b'ful way..

  26. in hostels it is still understandable .. i stay at home and still sleep after 2!!

    thanks for dropping by in my blog earlier.

  27. @ cahru

    hey u visited my blog earlier too's jus that my template has changed ..(remember ..cheers wid some shake thng and paying bill one)

    thnks !

  28. @ hp

    yea yea it continues wid me in home too

    same pinch :P

  29. changed ur template???
    N about insomnia, seriously I have never really experienced it. Even if I am deprived of sleep, I somehow manage to sleep.

  30. previous template was far better Peter!! this is slow.. every time i change my template all the list of my fav blog gets deleted. any solution??

  31. This was nice dude!!!!

    The poem was super. I wrote a poem on insomnia too :)


    Great work.


  32. @ hp
    yeah I wish tht option was der wid my ...template too !!
    blogrolling is nt compatible to all the templates i suppose!

  33. @ sarath

    yeah man I din want this template the earlier one was better ...this one sux :(

  34. @ nidhi

    yeah agreed the earlier template was better ..but but I wasn't able to reload that ..and yeah widgets and gadgets are lost if u change it coz....blogspot is not makin all the other templates so all the html codes for widgets are not there in most f da templates .....they are not compatible ..u hafta compromise

    and it is not slow here..may be ur net speed sux u say :P

  35. @ comfortably numb

    yeah read and commented !

  36. Nice template BTW...

    Well to fight insomnia is something thts really hard to do...but u'll succeed for sure...

    Take it easy :)

  37. hey petes, u write poems too??? wow! read som f ur previos psts , cldn comment n it toh..ur posts r fun 2 read. sleepless at hostel huh! try havn a luk @ ur buks , dats wot i do , de best panacea i knw 4!

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. @ Harshita

    NO i hate the template I am gonna change it soon :(
    and thnks for concern shown :P

  40. @ enchanted illusionz

    yeah I knw ur advice wrks ...for many f us ..but in my case doesn't ....I can open a book and dream widout actually sleeping :P

  41. sob sob :(
    Now i dnt have patience to change my template and redo evrything.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. yeah...u do.......temme bout them....and as fr the tags....same feelings dis syd as well...(ufffff... :( :()

  44. @ mayuri !!

    arey u in 3rd yr or wat ??
    if yes then the guyz frm jamshedpur ....knw them ??