Wednesday, August 6, 2008

тнє νινα¢ισυѕ ' RJ ŚÁМĔĔŔ ' a.k.a 'ŚÁМ'

Cricket World cup from 13th Mar to 28th April 2007 might have been in West Indies and and India might have lost to Bangladesh shamelessly but that din stop Our samz enthusiasm for Cricket and he kept updating or rather commenting whole night on all the matches that ver played !!

I had my electrical science xam next morning and I was on my irascible best,I switched on the Radio to just hear some song and refresh my mood and by default 'BIG 92.7' started playing and I heard a person jabber like no one in the world wud pssbly do at 2 o'clock in the night!!

He played songs,he shouted "wake up" at 3 o'clock in the morning and f course it was jocular..he din mean it ..askd us to SMS SLG (stop Listen GO ..he termed it!!)
followed by the song we wanted to hear followed by mssg for anyone in the world at 57575..and guess wat ?? ..I might sound like a moron but not only me a few 1000 ppl msgd him daily & I bet on it cz he told me once and cz it was worth it:)

There is an immense craze for Atif Aslam in Hyderabad and ppl at least 10-15 times wud ask him to play Doorie (the fav song at that time) and wenever sm1 mssgd him ..he wud be silent 4 few seconds and wud ask us:

"samjh gaye aap log which sng is next in line??
yaar i end up listening this song after evry 10-15 mins ....plzz hv mercy on other singers & me too"

and a song by ALI ZAFAR which has got a gal saying these lines in the beginning:
"What is ur behaviour of choice this evening ??
Do I sound a lil cheesy??
wherz da money ??"

He wud mimic the gal in sucha way tht ppl (includin me) wud ask him to repeatedly do tht...but he being clever wud play the song and wud add a few lines in betwn ..he wud scream ryt after the gal (do i sound a lil cheesy??) YES U DO lolzz !!
hez cheezy lines became more famous than the song itself .....!!!

It became a habit for me to remain awake whole night (even widout any xam) and listen him whole night and BOY o BOY it was like an Orgy in the night..and I thought:

when evryone was like a VODKA -a lil DIZZY !!
JESUS how can he be so EASY!!
to talk so enthusiastically 4 continuous whole night widout makin any mistake...and entertain the nocturnals to the core and to turn normals in to nocturnals for getting glued and stuck to the RADIO whole night !!

He was nearly perfect and a gourmand ...yes he repeatedly BURPED after having his Chiken Biryani on AIR LOlzzz :):)

HE also made his presence felt during evening hrs ...but I din hear him Much then cz I had my own reasons f getting Busy during those hrs....he wid other RJ's like CHETAN and SAMRAT ...made some shows so he was so perfect in Pulling LEGS of any Damn person & he made a BAKRA out f his own colleagues !!

I remember an Incident when he set a theme for one night "I CHALLENGE U ON AIR" and that meant call him and try to do anythng he said ON AIR ...a person called ..and he argued ....SAM gave him a task To CONSTIPATE on AIR ... the person cut the phone ..lolz :):) and I alwys failed to call him cz ..the line wud alwys be I wanted to mimic him on AIR ..(beliv me I AM so F**in gud at it)

The trinity Rocked ...and he rocked The most among them ...and Before he could Rock more ..the World cup got Over ..and so DID his night Show ...he got instant popularity wid gals sending him flirty mssgs and some proposing him on air and some asking him to come on date wid 'em it was Lyk a SAM MANIA ...that smtimes I was jelous f him :) but even then I joined his ORKUT communities I created POLLS, THREADS there and most importantly the rockin threads ..Like "whoz the biggest SAM fan??" which continues even today & I still Lead (I knw a few GIRLS wud kill me for this lol)

After the night shows he came jus for few hrs on AIR ..tht too during my bzy hrs ..then one day he left BIG 92.7 and joined RADIO CITY.. his Boss was the problem ..he told me later ..

ON RADIO CITY he just came in morning tht too wid a lady called RJ SHRADHA ..and thts when I thought ..he is losing his fame Who the freaking hell listens to the radio so Early in the morning ?? least not me !!!

His timings kept on changing and one day he vanished widout telling anyone ....and my sources say that he is in AMERICA trying for his some other kinda job other than RJing ....though the community members still have a hope alive ...for him ..and even I scraped him several times .but he din reply at all ...probably he doesnt log in or having some other ID ..which is not known to us ...!!

whatever is the reason I (actually all SAM fans ) wud love to listen to him again on air ....and if we can't then at least wud keep that community alive ...and put him safe in our Orkut frnds list..or wud TRY his 'GYAAN to become RJ' he gave once in his own community !!



  1. hey!2 gud blog ya..u rock!!..nd so does sam!:)

  2. sam rox n thnx 4 rewinding n re-freshing r memoriez :)

  3. yaay ... heehe... amazin he i... sameeer dear u rock..! n ppl hes in hyderabad itselv,really busy t even logg on t d net!!!

  4. nice idea for a post..and sam sounds awesome..too good to be ready to stay up all night to listen to him :D
    nicely written...

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  6. super cool yaar..tnx a ton buddy 4 refreshing our memories...sameer rox...hope he'l b onair sumday..

  7. Ok don't know Sam.. no idea about RJs .. but nice reading about him.. he must have been fun.. that you all miss him so fondly :)

  8. He looks cute!

    Thanks for dropping over by my place :)

  9. Nice post but I don't know Sam.

    Rock on
    And that time my net connection was lost.
    So sorry

  10. SHows your liking for him.There is one lady who i like down south, she is in Radio mirchi..Her name is suchi.She is hot..Bhalo sundar laghchey!! :)

  11. ohhh
    u r 1 hell f a fan n sam mz b absolutely awesome
    or else sum1 wudn't ve written such a piece on him
    n gotta say v well written

  12. hi!! u tuk us al way bak 2 doz nyts wer evry 1 struggled not 2 sleep 4 sameer show...dat was an awesome idea by u...u keep rocking al da tym..n v miss sameer..:(...gud job ya...

  13. hey very nice ! i like this word used for comment (vomited):P

  14. hiiiii it was awesome actually an essay on sam... n true sam aka sameer aka kunnu isssssssss simply grrrrrrrr8888888 we luv him we miss him n also praytoGod tat he comes back again on d radio on air n surprise us just like loooooooonnnng back he did on radiocity on anuj's show n surprised us surprisingly i wish he is back again

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