Sunday, August 31, 2008

pïċhlëÿ säät dïnö mëïn.............

DISCLAMER: Header seems to be COPIED by a ‘ROCK ON’ track but the content of the post is original.

Very first of these seven days, I as usual got up in the morning making my mind against bunking my internship program possibilities, which took a little longer time than usual so I reached the place tremendously late (12:00 to be precise) but I had no regrets coz hardly anyone other than my college faculty who visits once in a fortnight cares. I thought I will manage.


As the lift Door opened I saw the Faculty sitting with fellow students I thought of thumb lashing but it won’t work was my second thought, I rushed towards my LAB, dropped my bag there and went straightaway to the place where the monster was sitting…..

“So you are coming now??” He said

“NO no NO sir I came in the morning but had gone for Lunch so returning just now” I replied

Jesus!! how can you go for lunch so early ?? It’s not even 12:00 (I felt like saying better look at your watch man!!)

“OHH slip of tongue sir I wanted to say breakfast …by now my fellow members were giving me “NO one can save your ass beta” …….kind of glance

Okay show me your diary and tell me about your project progress, work etc …& .I narrowly escaped from a nervous breakdown …..

Later I asked my fellas why the hell you didn’t SMS ME or call me when he came, I could have easily bunked??

We gave you a missed call but It didn’t go or might have reached now check your Mobile…!


The very second day I went to the bus stop and unexpectedly, I could see the crowd moving away from me, I thought I took half an hour bath today but It doesn’t seem to be enough. Suddenly HE no She …well whatever appeared in front of me …the socially deprived category of homo sapiens ....well a EUNUCH to be precise, asking for money ….& .Damn!! I had no change ….I took out a Rs10 note and to avoid the bastard I handed her/him …I was happy that the repulsion of the crowd was not because of me,Bathing did work !!... after a few mins I went to a shop to get the change for 100 bucks but it wasn’t open ….So while returning there he came again asking for money and talking in telgu (which I don’t understand even after spending three years in Hyd) I said I gave you 10 bucks which you don't desreve just two minutes back you asshole …but he replied something which I didn’t get, I tried to avoid him but he picked up a fucking stone threatening me …at the very moment


The other days were pretty fine and I was busy like hell going early in the morning and coming back around 9 in the night ..finishing job at my internship station then going for my GRE class ..I devoted a little lesser time to my blog than usual, but on demand I changed the template, my usage of words, and I noticed that my BLOG VIBES appeared something like this ??OG VI??? to the computers which were not compatible enough so I changed the font to a simple one and implemented slide show option which is cool I feel !!

YESTERDAY It was raining cats and dogs and we had the matinee show tickets of ROCK ON…a very awaited movie in our circle,as the songs are ultra cool, and it’s a totally new feeling to listen to Hindi ROCK..we were 9 ppl and the perfect scenario for watching a movie and shouting in theater ..!!

Four bikes and 9 guyz so we had to break the rule & after all ROCK IS ALL BOUT BREAKING THE RULE, we zoooooomed to the multiplex in the rain and felt as if the rain drops were like a little needles piercing in our faces all the while …we reached fully drenched and thank god They did not switch on the AC inside …the movie was just like what I had expected, a little slow but nice ..cinematography is cool and the songs are awesome. While watching the movie I realized that it’s not about a ROCK BAND it’s Just about a band and I think so many ppl like me,have misinterpreted the title

….When PICHLEY SAAT DINO MEIN started I was jumping on my seat literally and that’s when I decided that I am goona write on this for sure …!!



  1. i love the way farhan screeches "royaa' rock(ky) feeling aati hai .i have a friend who can get into classes despite being 40 mins late !!! his reasons vary from " a black man chasing me" to " rickshaw had a breakdown " to "sir had to go to the loo"

  2. I just got home from watching ROCK ON and since you are a movie buff..I thought I'd ask you to review it.
    Now, I have stopped reading where you have written you got tickets for Rock on..
    I'll pen down my notes on the movie first and THEN will read the rest of your post. It seems too small though, think of extending it. The movie totally rocked for me
    Keep writing! :)

  3. loved the post...specially the enuch part where u went like he/she :-)) lolz... i totally understand..even my intership days are always

    and rock on!! rocks to the core...Farhan Akhtar should be jailed for being so intoxicatingly Hot...

    Kabhi khud pe hasa....kabhi khud pe....ROYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :D

  4. hehehe now I know what was Farhan singing.. I couldnot understand the lyrics...
    So It was Peechlee saat dino mein...cooll
    I loved the ending wala song...Sindbaaad....Toooo gooood!

  5. i enjoyed the title and the post as much as i enjoyed the song"Peechlee saat dino mein".

  6. hey can u add me on orkut...? i hv some doubts on the layout of blogs..need ur help..can u give me the link to ur profile otherwise? i suck at computers :-|

  7. That eunuch incident is too funny...hahahah!! I am sure not for you though...

  8. some really funny experiences ;)

    which college btw?
    i can teach some telugu :P

  9. Jesus!! how can you go for lunch so early ?? It’s not even 12:00 (I felt like saying better look at your watch man!!) ROFL ROFL

    hehe can jus imagine wat you must have though at that particular moment :-D

  10. are u in del man
    cuz it rained like cats n dogs here too!!!

    Neway, saw Rock on too...reminded me of DCH at a lot of places but i totally loved the wxperience...made me feel like m in a rock concrt or sumthn... the sets n evrythn is superbly done

    so ROCK ON...enjayyy

    Meri Laundry ka ek bill!!!

  11. Same thing happened with me.. if my frens sms me abt additional eng class i wud know or else i neva bothered to find out myself. But tht teacher was sweet. she used to give us attendance though we used to attend her last 5 mins of class. i wish all the teacher wud b cool like her ;)
    i think the beggar got attracted to u cuz u smelt good.. lol. half an hour bath rang dekhaya.. don’t get angry jk.

    M dying to watch rock on. waiting for the dvd as i can’t make it for theater.

  12. hehe..dats d colg life
    koi nai bachta inse
    nyways rock on was not up to d mark i felt..
    but yeah songs were awesom..

  13. Ah! Hyderabad and eunuchs...Ask me... I had a bad time when two of them entered my auto near Paradise and they humiliated me until I gave them 50 Rs...Can u imagine....I was almost abused with 7 others surrounding my auto...Ah! thanks to the auto-driver, he helped me...

    Yeah slideshow is cool...

    Hmm....It feels great to drive around Necklace Road when it rains....but yucks! water clogging is so bad there...I am sure you guys had pure fun... We used to witness bikers competing for stunts in that area on weekends....It was pure fun but ofcourse pretty risky too...

    BTW, I have a post with the same title...although it was just for the appreciation of the song...I liked it....I m gonna watch the movie this weekend...Heard itz a gud movie... :)

    I love the song"pichley saat dino" and "yeh tumhari meri baatein"....Both r gud in their genre.

    Take Care....Have fun

  14. @i'll try to be truthful

    YEA thts y i have stretched the 'roya' part!
    and LOL at ur frnd ..:)

  15. @bhawana
    yes ..lyrics half lyrics told U..and rest half goes like dis

    present mili ek ghadi
    pyaari thi mujhe badi
    mary jane ka ek packet
    meri denim ki jacket
    do one-day match ke passes
    mere naye naye sunglasses
    pichhle saat dinon mein maine khoya
    kabhi khud pe hansa main,
    kabhi khud pe roya
    kaise, bhoolun, saatva jo din aaya
    kisi ne, tumse, ik party mein milwaaya
    kaisa, pal tha, jis pal maine tumko pehli baar dekha tha
    hum jo mile pehli baar
    maine jaanaa kya hai pyaar
    maine hosh bhi khoya dil bhi khoya
    kabhi khud pe hansa main,
    kabhi khud pe roya
    maine pichhle saat dino mein
    ye sab hai, khoya..

  16. @mads

    yeah I hate 'em totally ...they are alwys after ppl and doing absurd acts publicly !

    and u gals won't change ..from brad pitt to farhan ab kisi ko toh chhod de warna baaki ki ladkiyon ka kya hoga :):P ?

  17. @ v
    thnks :)


    yes tht wasn't funny for me at all ..the airhead spoiled my morning :(

  18. @lukkydivz

    ohh so kind of u ....I am from Icfaitech btw ....:)
    and u ?

  19. @ rakesh
    tht wasn't funny then ..I was about to faint :P


    no I am in hyd ...and it rained all over the place I guess ..and yea movie is awesm I vil watch it again :P

  20. @ nidhi

    beggar ?!$@%$#???

    no no no eunuch means a hermaphrodite a person wid male and female sexual parts combined ...knw wat I mean ??

  21. joidevivre

    yea true ...btw wat's ur name ??

    and yea rock on was good for me ..and dun knw y u din like it may be coz it's slow isn't it ?

  22. @Harshita

    yea paradise is full of beggars and frnds had some terrible experiences too ..but they din give any money ...brave souls !!

    and yea I din go to Imax for watching ROCK ON din go on necklace road ...we had gone to cine planet ..(I dun knw if u are aware of )

    and movie was gud I feel like watching it again !

    cheers !

  23. nice post.. :) seems like ur havin a really hectic time these dez..and im finally goin to watch ROCK ON,hope i njoy it as mch as u guys did....till then u keep up the good wrk! :)

  24. wh can stand he/she....
    dey totally suck wen dey r at u n dey rock wen dy r at othrs....gud post....well narrated

  25. nice post..

    hehe really never knew about pending calls.. thts hehe so weird man..
    hehe oh well u managed to get away.. so thats cool..

    hnnmm the enuch.. well no comments about tht...

    will keep coming back for more..
    nice caption though ;)

  26. @ mayuri
    yeah kind off.... and u better watch it's a nice movie u vil like it :)

    @ alex u bet !

  27. @ ani
    thnks for noticing it coz nobody else noticed the humor though i had written it in a sperate ink jus to highlight !!!

    and u are alwys welcome
    cya arnd later !

  28. Oh gr8 gr8
    m watchin it again too this friday!

  29. pichley saath dino was weird for a lot of people.. maybe its got something to do with planetary motion... you know, saturn coming behind URanus and things like that :p

    Happy blogginig ....

  30. @divkiran

    yey ...i am gonna watch it today that is if i get tickets :)

    @ :)

    yeh weird and funny too LOL :D

  31. oh well it happens.. :)
    blog rolling u.. chaoo..

  32. my name is neha but i wud perfer to b called as joie

    yeah xactly it was a bit slow

  33. @joidevivre

    oo Neha is a nice name ..tho a lil common but i hav my personal reasons f liking it :P
    and I dun knw y u hv chosen joie as ur name ..'joidevivre' means 'joy f living' isn't it?? ...correct me if I am wrong !

    movie was slow in 1st half but anyways I liked it even more watching it second time :)
    and moreover this post is not about the movie's about my happenings in last week (I din get a better title) leave the discussion bout movie :)

  34. i loved the movie...nd yeah found it a bit slow....but then the music made up fr was awesum
    btw nice blog...liked the template

  35. @pj

    thbks but hey the post is nt bout movie ..!

  36. yeah it can b said as joy of life..more percisly as high spirits..its a french word
    ..n dats my penn name..
    yaar itna jyada common naam hai isliye i wud prefer other name..also i lik dat wrd a lot..

    oye teri gf ka naam neha hai kya??dats y u lik it?? or its sumthing else

  37. @hmm so I cud guess it ryt & yeah I knw it's a french word...waise ur name is good beliv me!
    and Meri gf ka naam nahi hai coz I dun have one ..but a gal I used to like wid da same name :P *sigh*

  38. Pura ulta pad gaya,, i went back to the post and read again.. yup now i got it right.. m so scared of eunuch.
    They are blessed with a power but at times they miss use it. U knw wht m talking abt right??

  39. @ nidhi
    yea I have heard bout that ....but i beliv its nthng more than a superstition ...otherwise they vil curse u if u dun giv 100 or 1000 bucks every now and then ....and which is ridiculous to beliv ....!