Saturday, August 2, 2008


Thursday morning,my alarm beeped at 7 and i was in my deepest mode f sleep,and in case u wonder i sleep till late,lemme tell u tht I sleep around 2 in the night so it's less than 6 hrs i plan my sleep for ...however i snoozed my alarm again and again and when i got up it was 9:15 so jus had 45 mins to get ready!!

I live in 5th floor and since power was cut so lift was nt wrking
I used stairs..& my morning started wid cursing evryone from Indian Gov (responsible for power cuts and making us realize the importance of NUCLEAR DEAL),Medical Shop wala (the person din giv me the change for 100 bucks that I needed for my bus fair),and I genuinely have my aversion for Bus crowd( which always spoils my Formal clothes and shoes),myself(for getting up late and feeling nappy even inside bus) and my flat mates(for not allowing me to sleep early previous night)!!

I took almost one hour to reach my destination ..the place is a lab where i am having my final internship for whole 2nd last semester..everything was fyn, till we ver having some usual the specified lab called 'Histopathology'...then suddenly I saw evry staff member getting up from their respective seats as the Head of all the labs had jus arrived ...we also greeted him, but I was afraid to face him .as.he asks hell lot f questions....and even if I have read it somewhere It suddenly goes to some unexplored region of my brain at that very moment...!!

He directly rushed towards the section where the tissues are taken out from the specimen for their further scrutiny...he screamed at other technicians
"where is the new sample??"
evry one was alert by now ..and one of my batch mate who is also in the same lab said let's have a look at wat he does...and I was about to say NO but before I cud do that She rushed toward the grossing area and I reluctantly followed her...we again greeted the Monster and he said
"so wat have u been Learning so far??"
I wanted to say nothing ..but I said Nothing and jus smiled ..the gal went On blah blah blah !!
she asked him "wat is this new specimen sir?"
He said It's a baby and i din pay any attention to wat he said I thought he feels for his wrk tht's y he is calling the specimen as his Baby ...but he again said..

"It's a 24 weeks old baby.!!"

and the very moment I felt like saying WTF !!

He said ...there was this abnormal growth in the neck region near Thyroid gland because of that the pregnancy was terminated and they have sent us the sample to check whether It's a sort f Cancer !
and while saying he turned towards me and said "which one is Thyroid can u fig out ??" I wanted to say How the hell Wud I ??
but again the gal saved my ass....then he kept on asking about the functions of thyroid,parathyroid,esophagus....and other helluva body parts &..I jus kept nodding....
He brutally dissected the tongue region and separated it out from neck, then again dissected the thyroid region and I cud hardly distinguish betwn the anterior and posterior regions it jus looked like a brown mass which was hardly a few grams in weight and lil more than the size of my middle finger....then he warped the separate parts in a an aluminum foiled and gave to us and said measure it ...we measured it wid the help of other assistants and not a single part was more than 5gms !!

That very day I kept pondering on wat the Monster said:


"that is the biggest difference betwn our creation and god's creation"

I say true ...very true ...a 100 out of 100 :):)


  1. OMG....O.M.G..!!! i'd hv fainted had somebody tried dissecting...anything in front of me..*pukes*.. :((

  2. You are brave mann ...Really brave ...Kudos !!!

  3. ohh gosh.. it was an interesting read.. the way you described the monster and the 'gal'.. had me giggling and everything else about dissection was deadly.. but then one has go through this kind of ordeal in your field I suppose..ergo I wouldn't overreact but yes .. it must be tough .. and it made me realize what some ppl have to go through.. in order to keep the other's healthy :) tc

  4. lol nice post....

  5. very well narrated
    right mix f humor n facts
    good one

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  7. dissection prt mde me go all awry..i wud die of an attack if i were to face all tht [i know i am extreme]
    and the entire post.. is my fav one in ur blog.

    shud i tell ya sumfin??..
    im in love with ur blog
    i am.. srsly

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    good post
    keep it up

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    I have put his pic. next to the write up.
    waiting for something new in Blog Vibes

  11. awesome ur writing style...good work..i'v added u up in my blog :-)

  12. nice blog post man..i get late evryday man..cursin evryone on the way..nice read..i don exactly know hw it feels wen u hv to dissect a once livving human embryo or watevr u call it..i am nt a med guy u know..
    bt readin it ws fun..
    take care

  13. hey!
    thanks for dropping by my blog!
    hmm..yea it can be a bloody tough decision...dissection of a baby..ewwwww!! but yeah..when u've got a job to do..u gotta do it! times can be really the case of this young mother niketa who wants to abort her child, all of 25 weeks, cuz of the abnormalities that'll come post sucks..but u gotta do what u gotta do!
    nice post!!
    and the! =))


  14. gosh!kickass moment...same had happen wid me sumtym ago in da last pretty intresting..dragd me 2 dis blog 4m da sam's topic...lyt...lyf mea hota aisa kabhi kabhi...

  15. DISCECTING ... ???
    loved it ... tera toh baja tha sahyad ...
    Afsan .. the girl rOcKs !!
    kuch seekh yaar

    haaa haaa ... lage raho