Thursday, August 28, 2008


Have a puff, have a sip!
What say?
This ain’t that bad, It’s branded plus filtered, it’s awesome, and this ain’t having no hard concentration just having 8 or 9 % of alcohol that too only poly phenols and a little of pectin, ethyl alcohol and glycerin so it won’t harm will not make you dizzy either ….go for it, don’t hesitate ..shall I pour ? shall I lit it up ?


I don’t drink neither do I booze so don’t force me!
Hey without boozing or fagging how will u know how it tastes?? (Isn’t that a great way of provoking?) well every time I come across this kind of situation I try to avoid and my success rate is 100% so far, I never gave it a try ..the reasons are many like :

1• I hate the idea of taking smoke inside the body …already there is enormous pollution all around why give your lungs a hard time intentionally??
2• I am a passive smoker already coz my flat mates are like giant chimneys producing tons of smoke daily and there is hardly any escaping!
3• I don’t consider it as a stud’s job..rather It’s a time pass without actually being one …
4• It cost’s you 2000 bucks out of your pocket money plus a little of your life per month even if you are not a chain smoker and you compromise on cheap brands …(I don’t earn yet and my father doesn’t send me any money to fag ....Nobody’s DAD will)
5• I see my friends getting hyper and out of control if they don’t get that very early in the morning ..they tell me they get constipation without it …..ewwwwwwwwww !!

People have been telling me that Drinking is no offense ..It is not harmful at all .You can drink and stay healthy ....I say I am healthy even without it ..I don’t want to be extra healthy ….and keep your advice with yourself and give it to your children and grand children..they will think that their DAD and granddad are very cool and happening .get a life .weirdo !!

Reasons enough for not boozing:

1• I can’t leave a habit so easily if I acquire it so I stay away from acquiring any
2• I hate drunkards and their after drinking behaviors ..(I don’t know what I will do when I am not in my senses secrets will come out LOL )
3• I know It’s royal at times but I ain’t royal I am simple ..and even the day I become one I won’t touch it I have promised my mom.

SO it doesn’t matter if you are smoking BLUE POINT, BRISTOL, BUGLER, CARLTON, ESSE, GAMBLER, JAN WILLEM, KENTUCKY'S BEST ..they all will ultimately kill !!!
And it doesn’t matter even if you drink JACK DENIEL’S, FOSTER, JHONNY WALKER, SIGNATURE,WILD TURKEY OR Ma CARTHY’S ……they all are drinks with varied alcohol concentrations and pernicious so better stay away !!

P.S :I know It sound’s like a lecture but I thought of writing it coz I have to turn my mode of blogging in to something useful after LOL’ing a lot in the recent times !!




  1. hey..i so totally agree with u..smokin n drinkin-they aint doin nebody ne its bettr to stay away....
    good job,lookin forward to more interesting posts..

  2. Very subjective topic...
    Yeah, they do definitely kill...

    I booze, no fag..
    but never against those things..

    life got lots of kicks'..
    its ok if it doesnt hurt or affect anyone else..
    and if it does, it should not be encouraged at all..


  3. Hey cheers to the thought.smoking and drinkin kills :-)

  4. wow man this cool.
    Loved the way you just put it so simply..(kudos!, spellings all perrrfect!)
    Well when I was in college, I smoked 3 cigarettes and they were yuck, ..I mean for how long can you pretend to yourself, that its cool.
    "...It’s a time pass without actually being one" …Totally.
    Tequila was like taking nail polish remover- such a waste of money and life, only because the world tells us that's the way to celebrate,.(choti choti khushiyan coca cola , give me a break)
    Now be a rebel here.
    Cheers :)

  5. Kudos!

    Thts what we call will-power. :)

    I have been raised in a family where my dad is a chain-smoker for past 41 years and my grand-dad had a drinking problem. I have seen it all in my house and I know how it feels to grow-up in such a family.

    I have already developed a respiratory allergy due to dad's smoking... :) Anyways, I promised myself that I wud never let my kids suffer the way I did.

    So, even though I travel across countries for my work and meet different kind of people(sone of them have just one mantra,work hard and drink harder), I never give into their ways of living it up.

    Most of the times, I end up making a fool of myself when I hang aorund with my frenz in a disc or pub, but I have absolutely no regrets...

    I am healthier and happier...and I need no alcohol or ciggie to get me going...

    It feel so great to be in control...Isn't it?

    M so proud of u :)

    Keep going..

    Cheers :)

  6. thats mutual... its really irritating wen my colleagues talk on hte same line " how will u know wen u havent tasted it yet??""

    Taste?? eekss...

  7. yo... three cheers to you!
    I've heard people making promises that they are never gonna drink/smoke. But they rarely stick to it.
    It's good to know that you have a strong will power to support your decisions.
    and omg! there are so many brands which do the same work; destroying lives.

  8. I sincerly secong your opininon about booze and faG..
    I too detest both of them eQually...
    Very-well Written
    Cheerss...(we can wid sum coffee or sum

  9. hey peter...i m totally with u on this...m glad there r still people like u who don't smoke n drink....
    i have written a similar article on my blog...
    do read it...u ll like it....


  10. bravo ! well written .
    my dad started smoking when he was qute young , but he left it a couple of years after i was born . he says he realised the harm it was doing to him .
    your post comes as refreshing coz there are many people who advocate the 'coolness' of these malpractices.

  11. ***It’s a time pass without actually being one …

    this is so true my frnd... seen loads of frnz gettin in to it cuz thrs nthn better to do n thn crave like crazy for it cuz after a while it becomes a habit!!!

    cheers to the thought

    though i wont deny tht i havent tried it ever...

  12. I'm totally against smoking. I did a project in grade 8 on its effects and stuff, and I think it's pretty shockin how people could do such stuff.. Then again, it's their personal choice and I don't judge em too much on it. Drinkin is not a complete no-no. Right now, i'm still in grade 12 and not touched any booze, but not ruling it out for the future..

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog! Hope to see u there more often..

  13. hey,

    nicely done !!! And i appreciate your will to control your self.!!!

    I hv been told even more"Provoking" thing "How am i alive with out drinking and smoking ?? "

    Can't help it !!

    Stay happy n enjoy the life.!!!

  14. @ mayuri ..thnks !!
    I vil surely do ..stay tuned :)

  15. @ vinu ..
    but then no one else shud be indulged by in this kinda of habit !

  16. @ rakesh ..thnks man ...for liking my effort !

    @ Bhawna
    es I have seen girls smokin in mah collg too ...and it turns me off ..I dun appreciate it at all..and those whu have tried it and left it they say the same thng bout smokin ..."YUCK"

    spellings ..well i worked hard on them this time thanks to u !!


  17. @ harshita

    and i have grown up in a family where no one smokes or drinks ....u knw wat ..I dun even drink tea or coffe ..coz as a kid I was not allowed these thngs ...and now I dun feel like having it ..(though no one will stop me from having it)

    they say "You learn from your surroundings"

    ...& I say "yes u do"

    thnks for taking interest btw :)

  18. @the rat

    yeah man damn irritating :(


    yeah ..and you wat if i become one i wud also do the same i avoid being one ..!
    and yes not only these brands there are many more ...well maximum wat i have mentioned are not indians :)

  19. @charu
    yes sure ....who will pay the bill btw LOL??

  20. @parul ..yeah read that ...even the title seems to be similar ...
    coincidence :)

    @ i vil try to be truthful !

    thts gud ..coz u ain't a passive smoker like me :(

  21. @divkiran

    yewsh ..but i haven't tried ..coz once u try it the hesitation goes and then it vil be frequent least in my case it's surely gonna happen if i try i srtay away from trying !

  22. @the trooper

    well when u go to collg there wud be guyz saying try it and u wud see many ppl actually trying ...but they repent after wards better not be like them

    take care :)


    man tht is heights of provoking as if we eat air and drink drain's water ...weird ppl i must say !

  23. (sigh*) I wish your blog was lighter in shade

  24. good post bro. I have never seen a college going chap advocate against drinking n smoking so vehemently.
    I dont smoke and only booze socially. Was surrounded by chain smokers during my college life, yet managed to stay away from all of it.
    so u an engineer?

  25. @ bhawana
    I will do it but let me get bored of this template first !

    @ sarath
    NO offense booze occasionally and you don't drag anyone in that's okay ..but.I hate the ppl indulging others !

    btw yes i am doing engg 4th yr !

  26. OMG ur such a good boy types...i feel ashamed of myself now..i dont smoke-got asthma, but i won't deny i was curious to try it...
    i hv just tried some booze...and i still am curious to drink...

    Gah, i feel like hiding my face somewhere disgusted at myself :-(

    try to get urself away from the other smokers in my flat...paasive smoking not cool :-(

    a damn though provoking post....inspired me to rethink my decision to try out boozing :-|

  27. @mads

    dun feel ashamed.u are not the only person on earth ....and btw if u can controld ur desires and don't go for it frqntly boozing ain't that bad ....I also beliv !

    but then it's all you will power :)

  28. @mads

    dun feel ashamed.u are not the only person on earth ....and btw if u can controld ur desires and don't go for it frqntly boozing ain't that bad ....I also beliv !

    but then it's all you will power :)

  29. hey dude

    thnx for the comment

    hats off dude for the views expressed here...

    but i tell u its pretty tough to resist your self...

    I too travel in the same boat..:)
    same pinch :)

    take care

  30. @ ali
    thnks mate's hard to resist when u knw how it tastes ..I dun knw ..neither want to probs wid me :)

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  32. OH MY GOD ....ur like the perfect son ny parents would crave for.....i got drunk once and my frnds stil pull my leg for what i did after frm then i decided im not gonna touch it again :P good one.