Monday, August 18, 2008


I asked my Flat mates …
"why internet is not working?" they replied "coz it's not working!!" ......
I asked 'em again "why internet is not working?" they replied "coz it's not working!!"
now those f u whu hav seen Kismat konnection wud understand this ...silly joke, though the movie sucked big time but this dialogue hangover still prevails...actually We have a habit f uttering the dialogues or monologues all the time f the latest movie which we see ..till the time when either we get bored f it or it’s replaced by yet another funny & witty one. I wud probably write bout those in my next post….so for time being let’s abide by the title ….

So like I said Internet was not working and we were as jobless as Indian gov…thinking wat to do ..?

Hence We thought, we thought again ……again we thought…and then we thought let’s not think anymore….let’s switch on the computers (yes our flat is like a cyber café ..with 5 computers in the drawing hall)..which generates the heat equal to that of a rod heater a few mins after when it’s out f da bucket …!! We switched it ON and out of my habit I clicked on the Mozilla Icon ..It din work and internet explorer said “page cannot be displayed”…and yahoo mssngr’s smiley faded wid colorless fumes irritating me, Gtalk was reluctant for getting connected…so it was now confirmed that Airtel office had disconnected our service …coz f our lethargic habits of passing the job to each other 4 submission of the bill…..and the last due date had already passed..!!

I was missing my blue colored orkut homepage..(cz I hate orkut themes),my list of green, red and pink colored frnds on gtalk and my few net frnds on yahoo msngr. I was missing My BLOG fcourse ..and was wondering how many new comments wud have come by too cz I Had to search for the latest movie shows and their timings, Domino’s contact No. (yes I search it evrytym I have to order for a pizza..I dun store it in my cel phn coz its memory is full) in case starving situation arrives.....I was missing youtube ( yes I watch all the recent reality show videos there..we dun have a TV tunner card yet!!) My friends ver missing Online games like DOTA warcraft…(yes they are freaking gamers)…So they decided to have an Intra Flat tournament in FIFA .coz that was the best time pass idea they cud come up wid …

I decided to be an impartial spectator…1st match Enny Won against Mayuresh or shud I say Germany won against MANu ?

Well after the 1st match I decided to read a novel .called “The Inscrutable Americans” ...which I am in process f reading since 15 days…but It din work I decided to watch Singh is King ..on my comp(of course the pirated version …which is a crime I knw ..but I din download it …It came from unknown sources so um not da culprit)..but that din wrk either was crap at least for me ….so I decided to chill out and have Tropicana twister..which tastes gud…when u are bored..and jobless….!!

After having it I returned to my flat and to my surprise I saw guyz working their heart out on orkut and gmail …WOW ..the Airtel office hadn’t disconnected it cz the landline wudn’t have worked if it was more than merely a signal failure …we shud have analyzed it …


But before this kind of situation arrives once again we hafta send ‘Vivek‘ a.k.a ‘Y-vek’ to pay the bill ..coz his internship station is nearer to the AIrtel office and of course coz he has to play DOTA warcraft !!!!!


  1. i totally understand ur sentiments, man....when net doesn't work in my hostel, i feel handicapped..and we blockmates keep asking each other after every 2 mins, net chal raha hai?? !!!!! lol...

    nice funny post..and i agree singh is king is crap...!!

  2. So reminds me of my collg days
    Internet was like our lifeline

    ANd finally sum1 who dosn like Singh is King...sucked big time...dinlike it AT ALL

  3. by the way...blogrollin u
    keep updatin...enjaaaay

  4. i w/o internet is like life w/o sun and water.he he

    now its a trend that,people cn live w/o vehical but not internet.A

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  6. 1. y don't u meet me to knw smthng about yourself ??

    :O i have to meet YOU to know about MYSELF :O lolz

    2. i love your template ;)

    3. we've got the same internet connection- airtel, and the same happens with me evrytime :P

    4. same feelings on kismat konnection.

    5. it was fun reading you ;)

  7. It's so hard to imagine life without the net!And to think it was not so important to me till like three years back.Sigh!

  8. hhahaha

    well i find mysellf in the same position wn my net is down :P

  9. been there mate... its sooooooo frustrating!! hope its all chak de phatte now :))

  10. lol!!... im as attached to the net as u r!! cheers!!

  11. life without the net ....hmmm the day suddenly has many more hours in its kitty.

    liked the template.KUDOS

  12. very sad man!
    weve got internet all day long, but no power!
    like 4 hours a day!
    liked the profile pic!
    but hate the default orkut theme...boring!!!

  13. I remember using the dialog from DDLJ. aise desh main choti choti baatein hoti rahati hai.. ppl still use it :) its kinda cute though

  14. Nice blog !!! :)
    Lets sue Orkut people for making these stupid themes..!

  15. hehe true yaar
    i had experienced dis wen i started bolggin..
    i use to chek d blog after every 2 - 3 hrs...
    its bcums a real borin day widout surfing n chattin.
    hope our connections liv for ever

    hav blogrolled u

  16. yupp I too hav faced tat god every first day of the month some bsnl probs God knows wat Sum times i feel dialup was better bband is useless.

    All this shows how dependent r we on these things ha another slavery u see!

  17. well now u can thInk of..we pOOr guys stayin in hoStel yaar!!!
    ..serVer each SitE