Tuesday, August 12, 2008


she sent me a frndship request on ORKUT with description saying :

"dude which batch were u in school....??....which year did u pass ?? "

Her scrapbook settings were such that i cudn't scrap without accepting her frnd req ...hence I accepted it and scraped her:
"well i dun think I know u ...though I see my frnd's pic in ur album Is he your brother ??"
I was expecting a clear plain answer as .." okay I am XYZ and I passed in some particular year ..and yes your friend is my brother"

But to my surprise I got an answer like this ...."dun say u dun know me ....did u join skool in 11th class or wat ??..coz evrybody knows me in the school"

my mood was already off and i got a reason to screw someone .....coz I hate wen anybody (specially girls) talk wid me like this ....my animosity for such a talk was already in the highest place possible ...I replied :
"Well yes I joined In class 11th and BTW I don't see a big deal even if I had studied in that school since nursery and wudn't have known u"

I guess my sentence was like an Insult to her ..she scraped a lecture back ....
"well I dun think U knw ppl jus becoz they are imp to u or not ...there ver several teachers in the skool who din teach u but still u knew them dintu ??...had u been there since early in ur skool dayz u wud have known wat mah position was ..wat I was like "

and i thought yeh as if in the world I had no other job to do ..than to collect info bout her position and her doings .!!
SO i replied back (harshly this time):

"well look I don't know who u ver and wat u ver ..wat u are now or wat u wud be after a few yrs.....I dun feel like giving a shit even if u were BILL GATES for others u are just a stranger for me..and thts it "

after posting my scrap I was damn eager to see wat kinda moronic stuff she wud come up wid dis tym ...
so she said ...."well u are not harsh u are just ill mannered and a typical teenager who tries to show how cool one can be ....I like reading ur scraps and it gives me a reason to beliv that there are diff kinds of ppl in this world"

and I thought she was either a genius or just another average sort of moron ......coz HELLO, I am neither a teenager nor trying to be cool I was just making my point clear ..through some obvisly unwanted tantrums .....!!

I said "ohh u know wat ....I have never seen any girl whoz as self-obessed as u are..."

By this time I was getting on her nerves and No I was not guessing it she replied back quickly wid yet another lecture that showed me "THE HEIGHTS OF ARROGANCE"

she said "Dude u dun speak untill u know things clearly learn this it vil be gud for u I dun speak untill I am 99% sure (& it made me beliv that I fall in the last 1% category !!) ppl recognize me everywhere I go.... last time I was in City Center and one f my junior recognized me ....ppl knw me for all gud thngs I did ...I was the CITY TOPPER when I gave 12th board examination and u dun knw who I was ...."

yeah yeah I thought.... y not u ver the only topper city has eva produced !!

I....told her ...and I have seen several toppers in mah life ...but no one talked wid me like dis .....and as far as recognizing is considered ..my juniors do recognize me too but shud I presume that evry damn person who passed skool after I did wud recognize me ....It's ridiculous to even think that way"

she came with an answer like dis "my tales are far more superior than u !! I dun need to tell anybody about that"

I felt like saying EXCUSE ME !!, wat the hell do u think u ver doing since half an hour ??

but instead f dat just to cut the crap I said ..."look miss topper U are a genius ..U are one helluva gal ...I don't stand a chance in front f ya ..If i dare to open my mouth u wud screw me ryt here ....I was a loser throughout my life..... ppl recognize me as a person who failed in class 12th and got kicked outta skool ...we are two poles apart .....we are two extremes so I dun think we can chat !!!

she calmed down after makin me hyper she said " hey I was joking let's not talk these thngs I am so and so ...wat is ur name??? is my brother there in ur frnds list ??"

I couldn't beliv .....I mean it was not true ...either I made a fool outta myself or she did!! "

I mean how can someone be so fuck*n good in FAKING ARROGANCE ??

I was not ready to beliv that she was cracking a joke ..& was pretty much sure ..she din ..it was jus that she thought I was full of attitude and arrogance that her mind din work .....or 1st tym she met a person who talked wid her like this .....watever the reason may be I kicked her outta my frnds list !!

coz I dun want fake ppl in my list irrespective of wat they FAKE !!


  1. it was quite funny read.. strange ppl inhabit this world.. and there is no end to surprises.
    I am not on orkut and don't understand this scraping business.. perhaps its just another means of wasting time for some people .. esp these fakers types..

  2. hehe...interesting read...can understand y u got pissed...yup, there are such girls in this world....!!!! but lol u tolerated her for a really long time...!!!

  3. the gurl is weird...bt it turned me on...:D

  4. the gurl is weird...bt it turned me on...:D

  5. yeah, on orkut and the kind u find so many ppl who think a world of themselves but after talking to them u realize they're nothing more than wannabees!
    Nice post btw! ^_^

  6. hehe... a total waste of time..


  7. vry funny n interesting post...btw did u cum 2 knw who tht fekolina was finally?

  8. my god.. so much of stuff happened tht too with a stranger.. gosh!! all the dialogs are running in my mind again and again..she was quite a piece!! like the way u wrote it. i didnt see the size of it first or else i wud quit it long back. i kept reading and i felt like i was reading a novel or something.. hehe.. kept me glued till the end :)

  9. hehe
    peter dat was funny
    u shud hav contd to chat wid her
    and u wud given a gud leeson to her
    orkut is full of such people..i think

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  11. hehhehehe...
    I cant believe you had that long conversation..
    hahahhahah but this is fun reading

  12. loved it yaar .. lage raho .. aur aise he blogs likh k humara entertainment kiya karo ...
    see u can always find new characters in this world...

    veyr intresting

  13. Interestin! Cool! Well mate here's ma first official hi 2 ye...just skimmed thru now...will b bak soon...
    N yeah there r few gals on earth who think they r de next big thing after eve...n i've met many in orkut !

  14. That was either one self-obsessed creature who prefers living in her own small world...or a gal suffering from an inferiority complex trying to be kool... ;)

    Whoever she was, she gave us some minutes of good reading... :)

    cool post...Keep going...Nice meeting you.

  15. was indeed funny to read, i guess she got what she deserved. And just to do some justice, there are not only girls like that but pretty many guys as well. Arrogance is an attribute of both genders **sigh**

  16. hey buddy it was intresting talk..well discribe..i cant say who is full of attitude bt u both talked funny n pulling leg..
    nice posting....


  17. interesting...coming across wanna-bes at orkut s quite common...n fun,at tyms...

  18. @sruthi she cud have been an aquantic frnd ..but she missed it !

  19. funny ha...

    the swearing part was gudd...


  20. @rinju !

    which swearing part are u talking off ??

  21. Peter

    Thanks for commenting on my posts..not sure how you reached there?
    I can make out from your posts that you live quite a happening life!! The arrogant girl post is truly amazing!!

  22. Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

    Tell her the city has been producing at least 10 toppers every year since 1947 and no one even knows 7 of them....Wierd people I must say!!!

  23. hehe thats a nice one..
    well some ppl just are this attention seeking ppl.. they need to be the centre of attraction were ever they go..and try to make an impact on ppl..by making them realise oh.. look how important i am...

    this works with few ppl.. and doesnt with most.. :)..

  24. lol haha! I cldn't stop laughing at this one!! :D

    Aise characters har jagah hote hai.And its fun to show them where they stand.But of course most of them are too stupid or foolish to understand :P