Thursday, July 10, 2008

slogs through blogs !!

The moment i learned about blogs my mind wishpered its vital,whimsical,hidden & transparent use in my world (yes my world!!).
I thought it had all ..the power,the privacy,the rage,the captivating significance & the alluring charm.Then i decided to explore it to the maximum level a barb can hit, though i don't knw whether i will succeed the way I promised myself or not but yes i need supports in the form of comments in the form of appreciations and in the form of criticisms .
I don't feel ashamed or dun get hesitated in askin ppl to respond becoz at the end of the day i won't sit back talking to myself (which i have alrdy done before i started writing!! ) so I want everyone to be familiar with the same !!!

I wish to use blogs as slogs, i want to use it as an alert,i would use it as my reflection, i may use it as sarcastic articles short whatever i feel for !!
i won't copy and paste shits from here and there,won't fix any irrelevant,unwanted and any unalarming alphabets making up words which turn into sentences and finally turn in to crap articles or simply craps (becoz it cant be an article otherwise)..i wud bettr write whatever i have produced i have breathed, i have lived, i have felt !!!
and if u are a blog writer who writes these blogs just for the sake of being a blogger i wud appreciate if u turn the way i am ...!

i might sound arrogant and and a person with overbearing pride but yes i wanted to say this to all my blog readers that it's just the way i am !!

and it was the purpose of SLOGS THROUGH BLOGS !!


  1. brilliant caption..'slogs thru blogs'..yeah many ppl lyk u,think n cudn't bring it ovr eyes 2 read it bt u r exceptional..din end up in thinking..kept it on paper..n now 2 da whole world 2 view ur view of thinking..ppl trying 2 open up der feelings bt not tryin 2 giv a trial,bt u r da 1 exact picture in it..go on..doin gr8..!

  2. ahemahem.... gud attempt.nd i liked ur spirit tht u r nt ashamed of asking pplzzzz to leave cmmnt.
    nd it's amazaing 2 knw tht u rite so welllllll

  3. very good ashwin!!
    this way your readers can know more about what you fell!

    i liked it!

  4. nice and hard hitting re...
    its not at all arrogant, since u wrote a post and u admitted that u need comments n u need to feel appreciated or criticized
    mast re \:D/